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A poem about optimism and growth along with an understanding of happiness and pain.


I can not explain life in words,
the amazingly good and horribly absurd.
I can not misplace a feeling so deep,
an overwhelming feeling sometimes defeat.
Keep your chin up and smile,
even when life is draining,
it is only a trial.
There has to be more than this..
Someday, Somehow, I must find bliss.
The lows are low and the highs quite high
I roll with the punches and flow with the tide.
Never knowing where it may lead,
and the biggest question, who has the key?
Sometimes its hard not to give in
The pressure is so heavy when will it end?
There is always a risk with falling asleep,
the risk that the sleep gets a little too deep.
But, in the morn when I wake
I realize it was all worth putting it at stake.
No one understands the ruts we are in,
It is not theirs to fully comprehend.
And tomorrow when you happen to arise,
the day might just be so yellow, so bright.
It might just be the day that brings you to life.
Everyone has made it to the bottom of the hill,
only to turn around and climb right back up again.
Genuine happiness can only be felt,
when your heart is broken and your spirit must melt.
and it is out of our miseries we find..
happiness only ever comes a little at a time.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Oct 2013 (#)

Well put and nice poem as well!

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