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A creative little dark poem that I wrote awhile ago and never got around to publishing it. Comments are open.



Under a Bleeding
Crescent Moon
Strange things
Are about.

The Moon
Is dripping
In Blood.

And so is
Everyone Else.

In all of the
In the world
It is Tonight
That the Corpses
Come out
Of the Devil’s Closet.

And Satanic Creatures
The Streets
That are as
Big as
A Two-Story Brownstone.

And know
That they have horns
And Eyes of Fire
And Hooves
That Batter the
Melting Asphalt
In the streets.

The Clouds
Are Red
And it is Raining Blood.

More Blood
To go Around.

The Oceans are Boiling
As the Fish
Are Floating
On the Surface.

People are Running
In Terror.

But there is
Nowhere to Run
Because Tonight
The Human Race

And there are
Satanic Demons
That are running around.

And carrying on
Jumping around
Like Mindless Lunatics.

For them
Tonight is going
To last Forever.

And now
Women and Children
Are being Put
Over an open Fire
So that they shall

Around this
Is a Gigantic Gathering
Of these Freaks
Who chant things
That not even God
Would wish to utter.

But then again
God has taken
A Vacation.

And the Earth
Has become
A Great Big Ball
Of Ash
That seems to be

Under a Crescent Moon
Under all of this
With the Screaming
And Yelling.

With all these Demons
Who Are Taking Part
In Exterminating the Human Race.

It very Much
Looks like Hell.

That’s because
It is.

And this is what
It would be like
If all the Hatred
In the World
Was Unleashed
On Mankind.


Apocalypse, Apocalyptical, Dark Poetry, Death, Devil, Fire, Hatred, Hell, Imagery, Poetry, Satanic

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