Too Many Memories

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Margaret wants to move after her husband dies, but how can she leave the home they once shared with all its memories? Read on to find out more..

Too Many Memories

Margaret walked into the lounge of her house, and tried not to look over at the empty chair where Charlie had once sat. He had been gone for two years now, but he would always be in her heart. Charlie, with his ready smile, and kindness to everyone, he could never be replaced, and although he had only been 53 , and herself the same age, and now 55, she had no intention of ever trying to replace him.

James and Victoria were both adults now, and had left home with their own lives to lead, but Victoria had offered to move back in and keep her company. It had been a shock to everyone, that Charlie, who appeared to be so fit and well, could just walk out of the door to go to work one day, and never return. The doctor had said it was a blood clot that claimed him, and at least she knew he had not suffered.

But Margaret had no intention of being a burden to anyone, so she threw herself into her work, being a shop manager kept her very busy, and no matter how bad she felt inside, she had to meet the public, She was used to putting a smile on her face, no matter what she was thinking about, and being out of the house really did help, and she knew that Charlie would have wanted her to carry on, but she did sometimes wonder if there was a point to life without him.


She had always dreamed of living by the sea one day, and walking on the beach, but Charlie didn't like that idea. He felt that was for old people, although the place she had in mind was now full of people of all ages, because of a recently built housing estate nearby.

But Charlie had been right, it was too far to travel to work, so she had to abandon that idea until she reached retirement. Well that is what she thought until she went into work one Monday morning, to be greeted by the grim face of one of the directors.
" I am sorry to tell you Margaret, but the shop is closing, we are going into voluntary liquidation, but you will be paid redundancy money. Thanks so much for all your years of service."

Margaret was totally stunned by this news, the takings had been good, she knew because she cashed up every day.
" Oh no Derek, what a shame, I will miss this shop so much. I didn't realise it was not going well"
" This shop is going well, it's the other branches, and unfortunately one branch cannot support the others. We have decided to take early retirement."

Then she understood, the brothers were only in their early fifties, with families, the shops had been started by their father many years ago, so taking retirement and not having the responsibility meant they could have a comfortable life. After all why not? Since she had lost Charlie she could understand that you had to enjoy life whilst you could.,

She Made a decision

Later that evening she made a plan. There was nothing to stop her now, she would go to the sea and buy a bungalow, and even have a dog to take for walks. She was feeling excited already about her new life. The children wouldn't mind, they could still visit her.

The next day she put the house on the market, she wasn't looking forward to doing guided tours, that home had been a special place to her, but other people might be critical. But the estate agent said he would do that, and when she told the children they were thrilled that she was finally doing what she wanted to.

In the meantime she managed to find herself a nice bungalow in a road very close to the sea. It was light and airy, with a pretty garden and spare bedrooms for when she had visitors.

Luckily a buyer was soon found for her house, so she busied herself packing everything, and arranging a removal van for her furniture. She had now left the shop, and 20 years of memories, it had hurt, but life had to go on.

Moving day

She had a little wobble on moving day, as she went out of the front door, she looked along the empty hall, to the modern kitchen that Charlie had lovingly installed for her just a month before he died. But then she reminded herself it was the end of an era, and for her own sake, she had to move on.

She didn't look back as she walked down the path, it was taking all her courage to move to a place where no-one knew her, and her children would be further away. But once she got in her car and drove off, it felt like she had just taken a heavy blanket off her, because in that house there had just been too many memories.

Victoria was driving down after work tonight, she said to help her unpack all the kitchen bits, and Margaret felt so grateful at her thoughtfulness. She would then stay there for the weekend. Margaret had no intention of telling her that she felt a bit lost, and hoped she could make new friends.

When she arrived, the picked up the key from the local agent, and was glad she had chosen Spring to move in. There were carpets of daffodils all down the path, and pink and white blossoms on the trees. The sun was shining such a welcome as she let herself into the empty house. Soon the removal men would be here with all her furniture.

She opened the patio doors and went out into the garden, which had a stretch of lawn, and an apple tree, there were high fences, so she wasn't overlooked. She was sure the children would love this bungalow, one day they would be bringing their children to see grannie for the day. Thinking of that made her sad, Charlie should have been here to share the future with her.

The Doorbell rang

She heard the doorbell, and went in, assuming it was the removal men, but on the doorstep stood a lady, about her own age, she was smiling broadly and carrying flowers.
" Hello, my name is Val, and I live next door. Welcome to Albury Close."

Margaret was so touched, that had never happened when they moved into their other house.
" Why thank you, I am Margaret, please come in."

They chatted for a while, and then Val asked if she liked playing badminton, because they needed some more players at their club just up the road. Margaret warned her that she hadn't played for over 20 years, but Val assured her it was a non competitive club, and they met on Wednesday nights. Margaret liked the idea of that, so she agreed to go, and Val went home.

Later that evening she was telling Victoria about it after they had eaten, and she looked surprised.
" Oh well done Mum, you do need to get out more, but knowing you, you'll be back at work soon."
" I might." said Margaret cautiously." Val told me that the man who runs the gift shop down by the pier is looking for some extra help, so I might pop down and see him later."

Victoria was so happy to hear that, with a new place to live, amongst people who were friendly, her mum could finally move on, and she knerw her dad was right up there saying, " That's my girl!."

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author avatar Carol
I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Mar 2017 (#)

What a lovely story dear Carol.
Just read it before I get ready to sleep .
Many blessings to you
love Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
9th Mar 2017 (#)

You are welcome Stella, I hope you are well. xx

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Mar 2017 (#)

Just like what the Jacksons did to Michael's Neverland and his music, sold all his blood, sweat and toil as it was too much memory for them and told the fans the message, we don't want Michael so just remember what he used to be while everyone else forgets him.
Even Paris sold her fathers' image to Beyonce and never honoured her father and what he really felt inside.
Sometimes pain within brings the sale of personal stuff just to humiliate oneself including some people who fake their death for the money.
It is obvious many think of old people to be a burden and they are so hurt, scared and humiliated for being old that they apologise for their presence just because their held dear kids threw them out to die like stray dogs in a retirement village or elsewhere.
It is what the Jacksons have done to Michael, if he is alive, they are telling him go commit suicide, we don't want you. You were only worth what you are to us for the money.
Sadly, I am a victim of it as well wherein my childs' father threw my child and myself out to make a profit for himself and to have flings and a cheap life rather than a responsible one.
Well no stranger to it, when you do this, all you ever wish for is death. It is your best friend for life and I make no secret of it, I am not afraid of it.
Thank you for the awareness.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Mar 2017 (#)

BTW, I did say it in the past. Michael is better off dead as his family hated him enough not to protect his life, love, legacy etc. and even promoted Beyonce as him for this very purpose.

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author avatar Carol
9th Mar 2017 (#)

Lady Aiyanna, I don't think the comments you have posted are relevant to the story I have written. You sound very nagry, and I am sorry for your troubles, whatever they might be.

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author avatar Carol
9th Mar 2017 (#)


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
13th Mar 2017 (#)

Dear Carol , forgive me if I interject to Lady A here ...but I totally agree her words have no relevance to your work ...
However , if she cares to read your comments further , I would like to say to her ,and indeed anyone caught in the ' Bad ' memories of the past ..
FORGIVE, and LET GO, of those who have hurt you in any way ..
Then , get on with life and live for each day as it comes .
I hope this isn't out of line dear Carol.
Your words were very calming to the soul , and it was good to know that Margaret didn't look back , but kept following her dream, and was rewarded with happiness as a result.
Many blessings to you again
love Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
13th Mar 2017 (#)

It is not out of line at all Stella, they are very wise words. I know people who are so full of bitterness and hate they forget to notice what a wonderful world we live in, and that our life is what we make it. I thank God for each day of my life, and won't waste time on negative thoughts. Forgive and forget is what I say. xx

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author avatar LOVERME
19th Mar 2017 (#)

Your story is not just a story ma'am I have seen many youmg couples divorce separate stay away commit suicide and some take pains to make their spouse survive despite the costs and what doctors may say .This world has all kinds oh human beings some are sympathetic some empathetic many are unmindful of what happens to others
they speak with a chilies like source to slice knowing or unknowingly... some one they don't even know but then in actual life most move on, we cannot end our sojourn just by our own choosing ...there is a power unknown beyond the trays of human imagination and so we have to continue to breathe and feed ourselves some join another group some remarry ... few love to live in past memories and your story so beautifully speaks lovely words emanate from the pen of those who know what love is as you do ma'am you are a sun of encouragement for folks one too many ,,,so they love and respect you ma'am perhaps not as much as I do. God Bless ..

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author avatar Carol
20th Mar 2017 (#)

As always Loverme, your words to me are so appreciative. I am glad you liked my story, and please continue to write your heartfelt poetry. I am a fan!

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author avatar LOVERME
20th Mar 2017 (#)

kindness ma'am
we all need some self support and preservation...
hence roses w/o thorns would be crushed easily...
life is so rosy ...
happiness and rainbows.. thorns we must bear with as dangerous is society ..
Thanks ma'am

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