Too Much Garlic!

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Children are notorious for not liking certain foods, but sometimes it may all be in the preparation

Roast pork

I remember a time when I never liked roast pork. I used to watch my grandmother prepare the pork. She would stab the poor thing as if it was not dead already and place buds of garlic inside it. I don't think there was a piece of meat left that had not been violated. Then she sprinkled it with a few other condiments, added water to the pan and roasted it. Once the meat was nearly done the smell of the garlic would permeate the house. It made me sick. Many times I wanted to vomit. I couldn't stand the smell at all.

I used to whine when it was time to eat. There wasn't a piece of meat I could bite into that I didn't end up crunching a piece of garlic. Each time that I did, I would gag. To me the smell of the garlic reminded me of something dead and left to linger. The odor was offensive. The taste was rather mild or tasteless until you bit into it and then it was a strong robust flavour which took my breath away as it made its fiery descent down the back of my throat. I would only eat one piece of meat because I was hungry, but it was no easy task at all.

What to feed me?

There was no sense complaining. My grandmother would come back with the pure logic "you eat pork chops don't you; so don't give me that bull that you don't like pork."

I had no choice. I had to eat it. I was too young to explain or even realize for that matter, that it wasn't the pork I had an aversion too, it was the garlic.

To make it even worse, my grandmother would refrigerate the drippings, let it coagulate into a solid mass of grease and spread it over bread for a sandwich. I drew the line there. There was no way on this earth I would ever touch that vile stuff. I would rather starve first.

Some time later, when I was about ten-years-old or so, I was over at my mother's house for supper and you guessed it she was serving roast pork. I was always very shy with my mother and afraid to speak up and say what I really felt. Yet she somehow knew when she placed the plate in front of me that it was not to my liking.

"What's the matter with you?" she said, "I know you eat pork, your grandmother makes it all the time."

"I don't really like it though." I responded.

"I am afraid I don't have anything else to give you." She fussed. "I could fry you up some eggs, or make you a peanut butter sandwich."

"You will do no such thing." He boyfriend responded. You made this meal for us and we will all eat it and be grateful for it."

I sat there. I took a mouthful of creamy mashed potatoes and savoured the sweet butter taste leaving it linger in my mouth longer than usually. Next I tried a mouthful of peas, rolling them around on my tongue before they too descended my palate. Back and forth I went from the potatoes to the peas until the only thing remaining on my plate with the dreaded piece of pork.

My mother was about to take my plate away exclaiming that I was finished but was interrupted by her boyfriend.

"She is not finished yet she hasn't touched her meat."

"Come on Andre, she doesn't want it."

"She'll eat it."

I sat there head bowed and staring at my plate. I took one final look at the piece of meat and closed my eyes as I bit into it. Oh but wait, where was the crunchy, loathsome, repugnant, garlic. I couldn't taste it. Instead I tasted a juicy piece of pork, lightly flavoured, tender, and delicious. I couldn't believe it. It was actually good. I asked for seconds.

"You see," said Andre. "What did I tell you? You can't let kids tell you what to do; she ate it and asked for more."

I like garlic

Years later, my husband and I would eat roast pork too, but minus the garlic. I refused to use garlic in any of my cooking. Today I am a garlic eater can you believe that? It took my son to grow up and reintroduce me to garlic. We did it slowly, first a little bit of garlic in the spaghetti sauce, then a little bit of garlic butter to fry or spread over vegetables, and finally crusty bread with garlic butter. I am hooked, I love it.

Just in case you are wondering, I still make roast pork now and then, and yes I use garlic. I wouldn't eat it without it.

All photos taken from the public domain

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Mar 2015 (#)

In my opinion, one can never have too much garlic.

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author avatar Retired
28th Mar 2015 (#)

OMG, It happens to me all the time...

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author avatar Utah Jay
28th Mar 2015 (#)

At our house there wasn't always enough food and what I refused to eat for dinner I had cold for breakfast, no exceptions...I loved your article, I just see that little girl in my head. We had one just like her.

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author avatar Retired
29th Mar 2015 (#)

Interesting post.

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Mar 2015 (#)

I think we all change. There are foods that I enjoy now that I would never have eaten when I was younger. Blessings.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
29th Mar 2015 (#)

All your articles are well written Carol.Good share, garlic has alot of health benefits.

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