Too sick for class

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I get up this morning wondering if I had been suffocating in my sleep. It happens sometimes because of my severe sleep apnea.

Too sick for class

It's not long after I get up, that I feel I must lie down again and rest some more. So I do. This sleep apnea is really a problem, because it happens in one's sleep so you don't know it's happening; you only know the next day when you wake up that something terribly, terribly wrong has been going on in your sleep. Many people indeed die from sleep apnea.

Anyway, feeling dead as I do, I still have to go on with my day at some point. Life doesn't wait for anyone, not even for the ill.

Tonight I have class at the university. We will be learning relaxation techniques. Since I'm such a stress ball nowadays, I think this will be a very good class for me so I can learn how to calm down some.

At 1pm, I think I'll sleep until 3pm and then get ready so I can leave for class at 5pm and then take the class from 6 until 8 pm.

But, oh dear, I must say I feel rather poorly today. After sleeping from 1 to 3pm, I just feel so poorly I just stay in bed sleeping on and off until 5pm. By then it's much too late to get ready for class and drive all the way to the university.

Still, I get up to feel what I feel like.

Nope, I feel absolutely terrible. I also have a pain on the stomache, in addition to feeling very poorly.

In the end I just feel too poorly to go to class. It's a pity really because I believe I could have really used the relaxation techniques we were going to learn. All the money paid seems wasted a lot.

Oh well. It's just bad luck that today I had to feel very sick again.



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