Top 10 Coolest Movie Cars

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I count down what I think are the coolest movie cars. You may not agree with all the selections but its just a bit of fun for my first post.

The Coolest Movie Cars Of All Time . . .

Top 10 Cool Movie Cars


Lightning McQueen

Movie – Cars , Cars 2

Why Its Cool

The main protagonist of the Pixar movie Cars and the only vehicle on the list to actually experience some characterisation throughout the course of their film. Voiced by Owen Wilson , the young up and coming racer slowly progresses from being an arrogant but talented racer , to a fiercely loyal friend. McQueen is a brilliant racer , and sacrificies a victory in the monumental “Piston Cup” in order to save another another car from destruction.


Ford Gran Turino

Movie Starsky and Hutch

Why Its Cool

You know a film isn't going to be a huge critical success when the only redeeming feature of it is the sheer coolness is the vehicle of the two main characters. Starsky and Hutch was released in 2004 as an updated film version of the popular television series. The plot is not up to much, but the Ford Gran Turino owned by Starksy has more than a few shining moments, whether it be a car chase across a golf course or an attempted leap off the end of a pier on to a yacht.



Movie Christine

Why Its Cool

A possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury shatters the stereotype of bad women drivers as it terrorises a group of typical teenagers in Stephen King's adapted novel. Its impossible not to include an actual evil vehicle on the list considering it takes quite a few victims. Due to the ambiguous ending of the film, we are led to believe that Christine could very well be indestructible and that makes her one of the very coolest movie car


Mini Cooper

MovieThe Italian Job

Why Its Cool

The original Italian Job re-invigorated the heist film genre in 1969 and has stood the test of time as possibly being the best .Whenever you think of the film the first thing that comes to mind is Michael Caine and Mini Coopers. The Mini is not a quintessential 'cool' car by any means , but the chase scenes and general feel of the film turn it into the measuring stick to which every other car in a heist film must measure up to.


Ferrari 250 GT

Movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Why Its Cool

Any car lover cant help but shed a tear at the end of this movie when Ferris and his best friend Cameron send the latter's fathers prized Ferrari through the window of a mansion to destruction. To be fair however, our hero and his best bud get more than their fair share of fun in the car, whether using it to deceive the antagonist teacher Ed Rooney, or bombing it down the streets of Chicago. The tragedy of the car's destruction is only made up for by the epiphany of Cameron to finally stand up to his controlling father.


Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500, “Eleanor”

MovieGone In Sixty Seconds

Why Its Cool

Nicolas Cage grapples with his “unicorn” in Dominic Cena's fast paced film about car heists. The film consists of Cage needing to steal 50 cars in order to save the life of his younger brother. He saves the best car for last and with half of the police force on his tale, he must get the car across Los Angeles to a dockyard. The car has a history with our main character , almost getting him killed on a number of occasions, and he has many near misses in the last car chase, which is adrenaline fuelled and very entertaining. The main coolness comes from a mix of the massive stunt jump across an LA bridge , and just the sheer beauty of the car. Definitely the best looking car on the list.


Aston Martin DB5

MovieGoldfinger, Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies.

Why Its Cool

The James Bond saga may have reverted to BMW as their choice for a couple of films, and we have seen updated versions of the best , but James Bond's car is , and always will be , the Aston Martin DB5. The car has appeared in more Bond films than any other, and its no question as to why. It is James Bond, the sleekness and finesse of the body perfectly mirrors the suave and sophisticated 007, and the powerful and stubborn engine representing the gritty determination of the government agent. Did I mention it has GADGETS !


Ecto -1

MovieGhostbusters 1, 2

Why Its CoolThe Tumbler

Movie Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

Why Its Cool

The car of the greatest comic book hero of all time was never going to be nerdy , was it ?

The brainchild of Lucius Fox, the man behind all of Batman's gadgets, it was formally a military bridging vehicle that had been deemed surplus to requirements. That was until, Bruce Wayne came along. The Tumbler sees a lot more action that the other 'Batmobiles' in Christopher Nolan's two pictures. We see a fantastic car chase in Batman Begins across rooftops , however in The Dark Knight we see the destruction of our favourite tank, but, as luck would have it for Batman, the left hand side of the wreckage morphs into a Batman motorcycle ! Or 'Batpod'

I think you'll find thats pretty damn cool.


The DeLorean

Back To The Future 1,2,3

Why Its Cool

The number one on our list, and the coolest movie car of all time is, ofcourse, the DeLorean. The invention of everyone's favourite mad scientist Doc Brown, The DeLorean is given a minor modification so it can , um , travel through time !

The DeLorean was a bold choice by the film makers, but its the modesty of the car that adds to its charm. If it was a Ferrari or a Lamborghini that sent Marty McFly back in time, it just wouldn't work would it ?

The impossibly charismatic Michael J. Fox is joined every step of the way by the vehicle and its ' flux capacitor', and the audience feels real affection towards it. A gold plated DeLorean was once sold for $250 ,000.

Everyone loves Back To The Future and this brilliant car contributes at the audience being taken to 88 miles per hour for three fantastic films.


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