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How do you know that's on the Down-Low? Wait. Do you know what that means? Let's find out.

Down-Low Definition

Down low is doing it in secret. It is doing the sexual crime with his partner without being caught. Even though they do not fit any of the typical Gay male characters: Straight Acting man, Effeminate guy, Queen, Drama Queen, Flaming Queen, Drag Queen, Twink, Bear, Tranny, or you beautiful Boy Toy. Write your character normally and focus on his need to take care of a young man to fulfill his ego of trying to be young.

Down-Low Stereotype

Typically, we see the stereotype of men who are African American, Middle Eastern, or Latin American who are married, with kids and have to conform to society. These macho men are your typical male role models and are known for cheating on their wife all the time.

Down-Low Reality

The stereotype fits the reality. These men are conforming to their culture of being THE MAN, and marry to have children and strive in sports, work, and everything manly. However, when they go out searching for "fun,” they hit gay bars in other cities or they put ads on the internet stating that they are married, bi and have to be discrete. Most are manly, dominant and alphas in public, but when they find their Down-Low partner they tend to be submissive, girly and receivers in the game.

How to write Down-Low character

When you write this character, do not judge him, or make him out to be the bad guy. Although, they usually are the bad wife beaters to begin with. Understand that they have no option but to go on the Down-low. Focus on their struggles of being Straight and not allowed to be Gay. They are usually man of power like politicians, religious leaders, or heads of companies. Many are not the wife beaters or political and religious leaders and abuse the LGBT community.
Write not the stereotype, but the real men that are on the Down-Low because they have no options, financially, family, nor culturally. Be practical and make your Down-Low characters fun and exciting with their double life. In my experience, I had fun watching a friend of mine now know what to say when his wife and his lover knew each other socially.

How to respect Down-Low character

These men have the hardest struggles in life. They love the gay sex, but they hate it as well. They are the first ones to call out negative epitaphs at the guy he is sleeping with. They are the first one to toss the stone at men who are out and proud. They like to out others. Even though they are the worst offenders of the LGBT community, understand their ignorance and religion.


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