Top 3 Non-Typical Gay Characters - Flirty Straights

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The straight guy that flirts with the Effeminate guys and sometimes most other gay man for fun or because they are sincere.

Flirty Straights Definition

The straight guy that flirts with Effeminate guy. On the other hand, they flirt with all gay guys. What's up with that? They're not on the Down Low or anything like that. They're not Straight Acting either. They are really, really comfortable with themselves.

Flirty Straights Stereotype

There are no stereotypes in the media. These guys just like to flirt with other guys. These are the "Gay from the waist up."
These straight guys confuse the gay guys. Is he? Is he not? Maybe on the Down-low? Sugar Daddy? I do not know. I just know that this character annoys me to no end. These guys get me all hot and bothered, they entice me and I do anything they want or ask for. Then when it comes to something more, they put on the breaks.

Flirty Straights Reality

They like to have fun. They will flirt with you, touch you, hug you, and make you go crazy with sexual desire. These cold-hearted men play with fire and when you kiss him expect a punch on the nose. He will take you out to the gay clubs, hug your friends, walk around naked, and be one of the guys. He is extremely comfortable with his sexuality. They heighten their flirting if they want something from you.
It has been my experience with three men like this.
The Sergeant was very nice to me, always took me out, and protected me from the others. He was so comfortable with his sexuality that he always hugged me.
My friend Harry. Not his name, but was he harry. When he walked around naked in my room to get dressed, I would ask him if he ever took off his sweater before taking a shower. I always admired that body, tall, slim, firm, furry, and naked.
Then there was Mr. Real Estate. (I would not consider him a friend). He purposely flirted with me so I would do work for free. One year of dinners, breakfasts, talks and what have you. I thought we were dating and on the Down-low. However, no sex and he wanted me to do his work free.

How to write Flirty Straights character

This character is very, and I mean very, comfortable with his sexuality. He is not afraid of his manliness. Actually, you can write him and he is most definitely the manliest man in the world. Do not write him out as any of the Top 10 Gay Male Characters. He is not Acting Straight or Butch he is straight. Not a Sugar Daddy by any means, obviously not any of the Queens. Sometimes, he is a Twink, but never on the Down-low.

How to respect Flirty Straights character

Do not make him seem like a Straight Acting man who wants something out of you. He is not that shallow, he is just friendly. They are all different sorts of Fllrty Straight Guys. Please don't make him a douche unless your character actually supposed to be.


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