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Who's your Daddy? Do you know what's the other implied meaning? You'll be surprised.

Sugar Daddy Definition

The Sugar Daddy is an older man who gives financial support to his Boy Toy. That is the definition. At least the Gay World definition. There is the symbiotic relationship of Sugar Daddy and Boy Toy. However, sometimes very parasitic.

Sugar Daddy Stereotype

The stereotype in the media is an Older Straight Man with a very, very young Boy Toy. Most times, they are represented as an older Anglo man with a Latino, or Asian boy. This goes back to the times of World War II.
However, look at the news. The new Gay Divorces are filled with these type of gay stereotypes.

The Sugar Daddy Reality

I know a couple of Sugar Daddies and they do not fit any of the Top 10 Character Male Archetypes. I know a few Sugar Daddy's that do.
One in particular is a Bear. He is older, grey haired, big as a house and barely gets by. Think of a Bear, except not the handsome, good looking type. What makes him a Sugar Daddy is the fact the he hunts for very young Effeminate Men, Twinks, and sometimes the occasional Drag Queen. He thinks he is a young stud and can get anyone he wants. The sad part is that he hunts for young men, pays for everything at first by emptying his bank account, then complaints that he is alone and no one wants to be with him.
The other is a big Drama Queen in every sense. He likes his young, very manly Straight Acting men with a girlfriend and needy. He loves the challenge of being with young straight men and helps them financially until they are older and can be on their own. Unless they have a girlfriend and better themselves, he will not have anything to do with them.

How to write the Sugar Daddy character

Like I said before these characters are not your typical: Straight Acting man, Effeminate guy, Queen, Drama Queen, Flaming Queen, Drag Queen, Twink, Bear, Tranny, or you beautiful Boy Toy. Write your character normally and focus on his need to take care of a young man to fulfill his ego of trying to re-capture his youth. Remember, there is no cut and dry stereotype for Sugar Daddies. It can be anyone.

How to respect Sugar Daddy character

Be careful and not to make him a pedophile. My friend hates it when I tease him as if he was one. Remember, they want a young man in his early twenties, Not his pre-teens. Give the character the respect he deserves, he has mental issues and some traumas so don't offend the reader by making him seem like a deviant, or make him seem like a low down pervert. I admit, these are out there, but don't let the few perverts, give the good guys a bad name.


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