Top 5 Unknown & Amazing Food Facts

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Did you know that popsicles was invented by a kid or that peanuts are used to produce dynamites?
Find out more about these amazing and unknown food facts.

For All Food Lovers

Since most of us are food lovers, let us take a look at some amazing and unknown food facts. How many of you knew these?

1. World’s Most Expensive Coffee: Kopi Luwak Coffee

Would you believe that the world’s most costliest coffee comes from cat poop. The Asian civet cat munches on the coffee berries, while the beans get fermented inside its stomach. The excretes are in the form of coffee beans, which get further processed and later sold.

2. 11 Year Old Invented Popsicles

Did you love popsicles as a kid? So did this one.. Popsicles were invented by an 11 year old kid, who decided to leave a mixture of water and powdered soda overnight in his garden, after adding in a stir stick.
The story does not end here. Can you believe it that he was successful in hiding this secret for 18 years.

3. Chocolate Bar Led To Invention Of The Microwave

Percy LeBaron Spencer is known as the inventor of the microwave, but do you know what led to this invention? Well.. He found out about microwave cooking, when a bar of chocolate accidentally got melted in his pocket.

4. Dymnamites Are Made From Peanuts

Glycerol is a substance which is obtained after processing peanut oil. This is then used to produce nitroglycerin, an another substance, which happens to be one of the constituents to produce dynamites.

5. Coconut Water- A Substitute For Blood Plasma

Coconut water i.e. water obtained from inside a covonut, is liquid endosperm and hence can be used in case of emergencies, as a substitute for blood plasma.

So how many of you, knew these amazing foof facts.
Do you want to add anything further to this list of unknown and amazing food facts?

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author avatar kaylar
2nd May 2015 (#)

WEll, as to Coffee...Jamaican Blue Mountain is the best...
I know about coconut's really so healthy...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
2nd May 2015 (#)

Great article! Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2015 (#)

Wow, I did not know that peanut can be a good material for dynamite - that caught my eyes.

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author avatar Ptrikha
29th May 2015 (#)

Amazing facts!

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author avatar Retired
17th Jun 2015 (#)

Amazing! Had no idea chocolate bar led to the creation of microwave!

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