Top 5 reasons why people can't overcome Poverty

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5 reasons why some people can't overcome poverty and live an easy life for their own good.


According to Wikipedia, Poverty is general scarcity or dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money, People also wants basic needs that they lack, like food, clothing, shelter and many other more. Billions of people around the world is living in poverty, why is that? do our government help the affected people? or they just ignore them? In here we will talk about the reasons people are living in poverty.

1. Mentality

Humans think they can't overcome poverty because they grew up knowing they are poor from their parents and they are contented with their lives and not thinking other things other than surviving the days that comes by. They lack the willpower to change their lives and strive for better life that's why they are still what they are until the end.

2. Living status

People think if they are poor, they are poor all the way, they think that rich people got rich because they are born rich and they have big difference with each other. Yes, some people are born already rich because of their family's status in society, they are the lucky ones. But, some are born poor but got rich in the future with their own.

3. Charity

The poor knows that Charity works or group of non-government organizations that helps them and gives them foods, clothing and other necessities that they need to survive. Dependent on them to live, like parasite that suck the blood of the host. How can they over come poverty that way? is charity really helpful in improving the lives of the poor? that I think is one of the problems that we face now.

4. Education

Can't the poor go to school? Yes, they can go to school and study, some countries have public schools that government are funding and even students can go to school free of charge, so why they don't go to school? some of the reasons are inadequate teachers for public schools, lack of facilities in the school due to government negligence, government funds for public schools are not enough and many other reasons. People will then go and find work because they think they can't eat if they go to school and study even their children are forced to work so that they can eat at least once a day or two.

5. Confidence

Yes, confidence is one of the reasons why they can't overcome poverty, they are scared to change, lazy enough to think for themselves that they can do things even small ones that can help change their lives. Lack of confidence affects their mentality and it will also affect their way of life like they lose their lives and can't overcome the obstacle. It is the sad truth, they can overcome poverty on their own if they wanted it to happen, they just need confidence and willpower to change their lives.


People can change their lives if they have the willpower to overcome the obstacle called Poverty. Even if they think it is impossible to do, they should do it one way or another, they can only depend on themselves to survive and hard-work pays off in the end.


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