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All our senses make our lives what it is, but there is one which overrules all others to make us what we are

The touch of the hand

While we progress through life, we hardly ever stop to think of the most wonderful gift we have been given -the gift of touch: this gift that we hardly ever think of and take so much for granted. Yet it is one of the most precious gift we have been given.

The welcoming touch into the world

When we are first born, the hands that bring us into this world and give us our first breath, are so firm and yet so soft, while the hands that reach out and take us, they pass their love and yet not a word is spoken. The touch of the lips on our head or hand gives us the comfort and warmth that have held us safe through all our growing stages in the safety of her body and the bond is formed. We might not remember but her hands have been caressing us from the first day of conception and now finally we can feel them on us as we snuggle into her arms.

Comfort in touching

Time quickly passes and we tenderly touch the soft toys which bring warmth and comfort to our hands. The feeling of firmness as we prod the button eyes with our inquisitive fingers. And finally, the warmth of this soft object touching our cheek as we fall asleep.

Learning through touch

As we grow, the first attempt at holding a thin wooden pencil in our untrained fingers initially gives us a feeling of surprise. Holding it awkwardly in our little hands, we attempt our first lines which instinctively and for some unknown reason we touch by tracing the lines with our fingers. Very soon our hold on the pencil turns into a hold of assurance under the guidance of the expert and we look and admire our masterpiece. We quickly forget the lines were so crooked in the joy of being able to express our feeling in the a multitude of colours while we clutch tightly to our new discovery.

There is never an end to the gift of touching.

And then, there is the hand that reaches toward us in friendship on that terrifying first day when we become part of a group. The hand that t moves towards us and takes ours. Its touch makes us feel welcome and gives us the knowledge that school is not such a scary place anymore, but one where we will be helped to grow with knowledge and assurance towards the future.

That touch of indipendence

Finally, when for the first time we grab the steering wheel its coolness, a shiver of anticipation runs through our body and with a joyous cry we yell. ‘ Look mum and dad I have my wheels now!'


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Jan 2015 (#)

I hold me pillow and that is more than enough for me. Learnt the dangers of touch in life. When I am near my child, I love being with my child. But that is it.
As good as a widow now, so great. Learnt life and its treachery....

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author avatar Tinka
3rd Jan 2015 (#)

There is always the negative with the positive. I would give anything to be able to touch my husband's and my son's hands and feel the warmth of their skin n mine for just a fraction of a second. Sadly all I have left are memories and some photographs.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Jan 2015 (#)

Touch is so important that it know that a child deprived of touch can not be healthy. Some have even died.

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