Tough Angela

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When Angela reports to work at her new company, she drags all her self with her only to realize that life doesn't always go our way...

Work and Work

Angela walked up the steps of Gevin Technologies building in Nairobi and willed for her stomach muscles to give her some slack. She noticed how upscale the building was. It was the home of the fastest growing software development company in the country. Angela was used to drab milieu that she didn’t normally see, just as she wasn’t conscious of her own breathing.

She walked into the wide reception area and smiled at the receptionist. She saw that the receptionist was a stunningly beautiful amazon in her mid-twenties, big eyes, big tits, thick fleshy lips and evidently loved putting on makeup. Her lips were a disgusting hue of red; her shoulder length hair blow-dried and combed straight back.

“Hey, good morning,” she said to the receptionist.

“Good morning. You are the new girl?”

“No, I’m Angela, the new software development analyst.”

“Nice to meet you, Angela. I’m Sheila.”

“Where is my office?”

“You mean where you would be working from?” Sheila said, her eyebrows rising. “Take the stairs, first floor. You will see a hallway that leads to the software development department. There somebody would receive you.”

“Thanks see you around, Sheila.”

Angela took the staircase without glancing even for a fleeting moment at the elevators. Saturday Magazine’s fitness column had said that it helped maintain fitness.

As she walked up the stairs, her heels announcing her arrival in advance, Angela could feel Sheila’s eyes on her back. The clothes she was in – blue blazer, white vest and pink and white stripped pencil skirt – were the latest in the market; Mr Price is what the magazines had said.

She was light complexioned, sylphlike, stately tall with a ramrod straight posture even when walking, beautiful and looked less like a geek than should have been possible.

Angela stepped into the spacious hall that housed the country’s software development whiz kids and immediately wished she had not applied for the job. Somebody would have recognized her entrée and said ‘hi’ or ‘Good morning, Angela. Welcome to Gevin Technologies’ were it not a busy building like this. “Excuse me,” she said to a guy in nerdy specs. “I’m Angela, I’m reporting for work.”

“The new software development analyst?” the guy said. “I’m George, the software engineer.”

“Pleasure meeting you, may you please show me to my office?”

The guy looked at her disdainfully then said, “This is your office. Let me show you to your work station.”

“You kidding me?”

“No, you thought you were going to get a corner office?” George said with a tinge of sarcasm. “But I can secure you the corner desk, before the other guy comes.”

“I appreciate,” she said. “It’s not necessary, though.”

“Everybody,” the guy shouted. “May I have your attention, please?”

The bustle of activity died pronto except for the hum of computers and the fans overhead.

“Guys, ladies, this is Angela, our new software development analyst reporting for work. May you please take her in and show her around, tell her who’s who around here and who owns the corner office.”

Angela blushed and though she tried to conceal it, she could feel herself painting the whole room red. Well, the corner desk was hers.

At her work station, Angela took out her laptop from her bag and started arranging her desk as the laptop booted up. As she waited, she scanned the whole room that had gone back to work immediately their attention was not needed on her, each glued to their computers.

“Get that out of here now,” Angela heard someone say. The voice was coming from behind her.

She turned to look at the speaker. “The laptop,” the speaker said. It was a ridiculously handsome guy who doubtlessly was the top hunk in town. “It’s company policy. You can’t use your laptop here…”

“But I’ve been working with my laptop all along.”

“What are you, freelance?” the man said. “I’m Jack by the way.” He offered his hand and she took it nonchalantly. “The boss will fry you out if she finds you using your laptop. The security guy might even be fired.”

“My mistake, I didn’t know.”

“How did you get past reception with it? We leave our gadgets there – laptops, iPads, Galaxy Tablets if you’ve it or anything not company property.”

“Thanks, Jack,” Angela said. “Duly noted, I won’t repeat the mistake.”

“It’s nothing, Angela. I’ve got your back. If you need anything…”

“You’re there. I’ll keep that in mind,” Angela finished for him. “Now, get to work.”

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Interesting, need the
"Rest of the Story".
How long were you there? ? ?

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author avatar Elove Poetry
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Hey Esther, thanks for reading and commenting... more coming

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author avatar Trillionaire
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Nice story. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Elove Poetry
13th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for reading, and commenting.

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