Toy shop Hero.

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A long time ago, in a distnant toy shop lived a kingdom of toys..
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Toy shop Hero!

A long time ago, in a distant toy shop lived a kingdom of mighty toys. On one side of the Toy shop lived The White Palace but on the other lived a Red Kingdom. They always dreeded the white palace.

In White Palace lived a young man, who had the job to sweep all the palace, He was an outcast too the others as he had a peasent job. On the day the Red castle lost it's war 14 years ago, one of the theives stole the Lego block of peace and ran back to the Red castle with it, No one was brave enough to retrive it.

Day by day, chaos started to occur in the White Palace. The King of the Palace sent one of his trusted knights everyday to go and retreive the Lego Block, None returend. They soon ran out of Knights and went to the Peasent man who swept the palace and the king orded that he go and retrieve the Block or soon the Palace will become worde then the Red Castle. The Peasent man left that afternoon to get the Lego Block of Peace.

The peasent man, scared and small, made it to the Red castle in 1 weeks time. The man was shocked to see that this castle was in a place where no light shon, violence in the streets were everywhere and there did not seem to be happiness.

The peasent man ran into the Knights while searching for the block, they where chained up and about to die. He said " noble knight, i can not save you, but i might be able to save the Palace if you knew where the Lego Block of Preace was." The noble knight replied in a whispering voice as he was too tired and could not speak " It's in the statue with the fake green hat, watch out but beacause our king will be watc..." The knights time had passed, he was now gone.

That night the peasent man went to find the statue, he later on found it. He had a strange feeling he was being watched, but he continued to move on and search the statue. As he looked around he found his king, standing there with the block. The peasent man cried with joy My king you have saved us all! But then everything turned black.

As The peasent man awoke, found his king had left to take all glory and become the most powerfull toy being alive because he sent all the other knights to doom. I sweated with fear and slipped out of these ropes. I huffed and puffed. Blood poured out of my feet as i had no shoes, but finally caught the king. The battle had begun.

The king swung and missed , then i moved quick as a flash and knocked him out and tied him up. I returned to my Kingdom as the King! The toy shop has never been better and the best of all, the old king now sweeps up MY castle for a living.

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Great stroy (:

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