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An unexpected trip to a kids store that left me wondering about toys of today, and the ability of kids of all times to have fun on their own.

Enjoy a Lollipop - the mechanical way.

Recently I was at an airport to pick up a friend. I had arrived a bit early and spent the time walking in and out of several shops. A kids store attracted me, with various items exhibited in the windows. Battery operated pups, kittens and a seal balancing a ball, just to name a few. Being in the age group that I am, it had been a while since I had spent time in a toy store. As I stood gazing at the toys on display, the young sales girl with a pretty smile greeted me with the customary “Hi, how are you doing today”? I responded with an equally customary “Fine, thank you”, and walked into the store. There were the usual toys, books, puzzles and so on. Suddenly I saw something which caught my attention. It was a cute creature, about two inches high, with a small rod extending from the top of its head. Into the rod was inserted a good old fashioned lollipop. Beneath it was a button that said “Try me”. I had not seen such a toy before. What the heck, I thought. There was still a kid in me. After all, it was a store model, and the bright button, invitingly said “Try Me”. So I decided to try and gave it a push. The lollipop started spinning and must have done about three or four spins. I tried it once more. It spun again. I looked to see what it was called, and read the label “Animated Spin Top”. I could not suppress my laughter. Just then, a grey haired gentleman walked beside me, and glanced at me questioningly. “Is this, what life has come to”, I said. “Kids cannot swirl a lollipop in their mouth by themselves and need a battery operated device to do it “! He too, had probably not seen such a toy before, because he said “I guess so” and walked out laughing.
Another young sales man came by. “How are you doing” he said. This time, instead of the standard reply of “Fine”, I honestly said, “I am amazed”. “Why is that” he asked. “I cannot believe this toy. Kids need something to help them swirl a lollipop in their mouth”? “Oh yes, they are quite popular”, he answered with a straight face. “In fact we have different models. See, here are some with the Disney characters, one with Minions and so on. In fact, they have been around for quite a while. Would you like to get one”? “Er, No, thank you”, I said “But thanks for the education”.
I walked out of the store, wondering about the emphasis that is placed on the ease with which things can be done in the present days. But, had life become so automated that even to swirl a lollipop one needed a battery operated device! Images of kids , watching their favorite TV show, sprawled on the family room sofa, tasting and savoring the flavor of a lollipop came in front of my eyes. In contrast to that, this would look like the kid was brushing his teeth with a battery operated tooth brush! I felt sorry for kids of the present generation who were being conditioned to be dependent on other devices to amuse themselves.
I started to walk to the gate where I was to meet my friend. As I turned the corner, I saw the other end of the store. On a low, circular table, were spread many Lego pieces. They must have been from different Lego sets, broken boxes and the sort. Some brilliant mind had thought of just dumping all those pieces on a kid level table. Two little kids were playing by that table, making up their own versions of Lego structures, without any instructions. No salespeople bothered them, because they were all discontinued pieces, parents just looked on, taking a break, and the kids were having fun.
Everything still goes well in the kid world, I thought, as I left that place with a smile on my face.

Image credit : Public Domain. Pixabay.


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