Traffic sense? Sorry, we are Indians.

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Driving with a traffic sense is the basic necessity to avoid accidents. But either due to ignorance or not willing to follow the same makes it a nightmare in driving in Indian roads,

Traffic sense? Sorry, we are Indians

Let me take an advance bail from the readers before writing anything further in the first place. This article is not about you who are obedient citizen who always follow the traffic rules and at times, despite a glare from the fellow citizens, advice them to follow the same. But people like you are a minority, for which there are no shouts for some reservations, yet. So armed with that bail let me venture into the majority who think the traffic rules are not for them, till they get a good ‘thud’ by a fellow citizen who think the same way. Then shouts and counter shouts will be order of the day till the traffic sergeant arrive at the scene.
Lane sense: No matter you drive the left side or right side of the road (differs from one country to the other; in India it is said to be on the left side, notice the word ‘said to be’) the general rule is that if you drive slow you keep to the inner lane where a vehicle moving with a speed more than you can overtake you safely on the outer lane. I said it is the general rule, not for the majority. They will put to shame even the wriggling Sidewinder snake to shame with their weaving in and out of inner and outer line at their will. By the time you make up your mind to give them a piece or two of your mind, they will be farrrrrrrrrr ahead. They are in a hurry always you know!
Signaling: You are kidding. Driving with the speed as such where do they have the time to give the right signals, or preventing showing the wrong ones? The ‘turning-right or left’ signal will be blinking as if it is mandatory while you are on the road. Same goes with the head light beaming at you from the oncoming vehicle even during the day time. And I advice you that do not venture to bring it to the notice of the driver unless you are prepared to receive a cold stare back at you. Some may at the best just smile and nod at you, but you have to be very lucky for that.
Stop Line: to help those who need to cross the road, there are stop lines a good two feet before the zebra lines at cross roads. This is to help the pedestrians cross safely where there are no subways. Even if there is one, the pedestrian still cross the road the traditional way only which is another story. But as if it is the birth right of the vehicle owner, they will encroach the lane and sometimes even cross the same if there is no traffic sergeant within vicinity. Then even before the amber turns into green they vroom of as an arrow out of the bow. May be they are practicing to take part in the next Formula One race, I don’t know.
No Entry? What is that: Unless there are traffic sergeants on both side of the road which is a one-way only, be prepared to face somebody coming onward to you, even if you are right and the other coming in the wrong way. You will be surprised the way the other reacts to you on finding that his/her vehicle have little or no clearance to go past you; you will check again to see that you are on the right side of the rule and the other is not.
Mobile menace: This is the latest menace on the road. You will spot one in a two-wheeler with in minutes you are on the road. Juggling the mobile with one hand and the head bend towards the shoulder as if it is a congenital deformity, the person will be either getting directions to the place to reach, or giving directions to somebody equally in the same condition. You will be puzzled whether the one driving in front of you is going to turn left, right or just stop right at the center of the road. With the so called, new genre phones this is all the more dangerous nowadays because of the chance for the driver losing the phone as well as his/her balance easily. Despite heavy fine slapped on such people this menace is on the rise.
The time tested and proven motto of “Start early, drive carefully and reach safely” seems to have not rubbed into the new genre at all. May be they will realize it when they are forced to learn that in the painful way. God forbid, let them not pay a heavy price to learn that except their medical bills.


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