Trapped in an electric gate

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Electric gates make lovely things of sort. They like open and close all by themselves at the push of a button. Remember when we had to get out and open the gate manually? Well, no more of that old fashioned rubbish. Now we have motorized electric gates. Oh life is so grand. Less exercise for the lazy modern human!

But, can anybody or anything get stuck in such a gate closing? Yes. Yes they can.

Bella is caught by the neck in the gate! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! She might not be able to go where she'd like that way

"Goodbye!", I greet Mother and Father. They're on their way somewhere on some business or other.

I get back to my work. After a while, suddenly Waldorfski comes knocking frantically. I open the door to find Waldorfski in quite a state of panic.

"Do you have a remote to open the gate??! Bella (the dog) is caught in the gate! Her gums are already blue!!!!", he dramatizes the situation for me.

I'm not that worried because I know the gate doesn't close air tight. I remember years ago Knabbit the Spaniel got caught in the gate too after we left for church through it, and we found him only when we came back several hours later. He was caught good in the gate so he couldn't go anywhere, but he could still breathe.

Waldorfski of course knows nothing about that, so he thinks the dog is suffocating to death now.

"I don't have a remote here", I say, "but it's over there in Lordly House".

I can see his eyes get an extra dose of "all hope is lost" in them. I come out to where I can see all the way down the driveway to the gate.

Bad dog!

These dogs know they are not supposed to leave the yard unless we take them out for a walk.

So they've become really sly; they would wait until a car goes out the gate, but stay out of sight until that very, very last moment when the driver of the car, looking back, thinks the gate is almost shut again and there's no time for any dog to run out of it.

Then, at that very, very last fraction of a second, they run for it and slip out at the very last moment before the gate is finally closed.

Today however, it seems Clever caught it's Master.

Yep, there's the dog's butt showing in our direction, with her neck caught in the gate. She's looking like such an all pathetic figure, all helpless and sorry. I can't help a little laugh at the whole picture.

Waldorfski can't understand what I can possibly find funny; in his mind every second counts before the dog is dead from suffocation, if it's not too late already!

So just to put him at ease, somewhat, I pretend to put a bit of a hurry in my step. A minute or two won't make a difference of course, because it's already been a while since Father and Mother drove out the gate and the dog got herself caught in it, and if she was going to suffocate to death she would have done so already.

In Lordly House I get the remote and Waldorfski wants to grab it.

"Don't worry, I'll go", I say to him, seeing that the poor guy himself is quite a bit of a sorry picture, having been bitten in the kneecap by a pig and now trying to walk hastefully and difficultly on his cripple leg.

Open it, open it, open it!!!!!!!!!!!

When I push the button of the remote, it won't work from this far. Har har, oh poor Waldorfski must be in a state, with every second going by thinking the dog is already dead with the rate at which I'm doing things.

I jog closer and closer to the gate, pushing the button on the remote all the time. Finally the gate opens.

But Waldorfski needn't have feared; as soon as the gate opens, Bella jumps up and is all playful.

Naah, I like my prison now.

AND THEN, WHAT IN BLAZES!!! She actually turns around and starts running out the gate. She's obviously not learned much of a lesson here. Naughty dogs who run out the gate when they're not supposed to, get chomped by the gate.

We scream at her, and fortunately she lets go of her plan to sneak out. She jumps all playfully and happy around us, and Waldorfski must be as happy as a clappy now. I'm glad I could take some of the stress off him.

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