Trapped with snakes

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Ah, how comfortable we feel, Majesty and I, sleeping in a room with brown bricks, on a bed with a lot of straight brown wood in it. Come to think of it, where are we? Oh well, we feel at home here so let's not try to think too hard while I'm half sleepy and half awake here on the bed, enjoying it in the latish afternoon.

Trapped with snakes

What's that I see on the carpet? Is that a snake?

Yes, it's a small snake, slithering along. How did that get in here? Did it sail in underneath a door?

For a moment I wonder if we should give the matter our attention, but it's just a small snake and it seems it was just accidentally passing through. Besides, it's too small to reach us up here on the bed.

It slithers to another door a few feet behind me. I love how snakes can just pull themselves into these flat things that can easily pass underneath a door. Interesting sight to behold.

Now we can sleep further without worry. My eyes are so heavy with sleepyness.

Just when I'm slumbering in, now what is that on the carpet?? It's ANOTHER snake, this one much bigger than the first.

My eyes are still very sleepy and a bit blurry and has that haziness over them, so I can't see properly. I try to rush my eyes to get clear, so I can see what's going on here.

It appears to be a huge cobra. This time we can't just let it be, because for one thing Majesty may jump off the bed when I'm asleep and get bitten by the snake in the house.

I try to rush my eyes and body to wake up, but they just don't want to. We gotta do something!

I try to look around the room for something we can throw at the snake. A shoe comes to mind, but that won't possibly kill or injure a snake of this size. We need something like a brick or a rock, but of course there's no such thing here in this room.

The cobra has also meanwhile become aware of us being in the room, and it's getting quite wary of us.

To add to the uncomfort, there's not much more in this room than this bed; the snake is getting very uncomfortable, almost panicky because it has nowhere to hide but under the bed, but of course the closer it gets to the bed the more squeamish I get. There's nowhere else I'm safe-ish in this room but here on the bed, and even here the snake probably could stand up and get onto the bed.

Things are getting quite awkward. Won't this snake just slither away somewhere already? But no, it won't, for it's too scared of us to go on its way, and it's creating panick for the both of us.

How are we going to get out of this situation? I wish it was over already.

The only place I can flee to is the door to the room, but the snake is just about between myself and the door.

I wonder how this huge snake could have gotten in here. We haven't been in this house for a few days so it might be that the snake had been in here last time somebody was here, and been in here since then. Perhaps that's why it's acting almost panicky and clustrophobic or something.

I keep as still as I can, holding Majesty down with me. Perhaps if the snake believes we have no interest in fighting, the snake will think it has a chance to escape.

I look up one time and see it has moved a bit. So I just grab Majesty and decide to make a run for the door. We pass very closely by the snake, but we're out, and not bitten, thank goodness!

What's that? The snake doesn't want to lose us from sight, and it's coming after us.

We run into the kitchen. Thank goodness there are counters along the other side along the wall, with cupboards underneath. I jump onto the counter and help Majesty up.

The snake comes in the door, following us and tries to jump up on the counter too. What is with this snake? Why is it coming after us? Does it want to tell us something? Does it want something from us?

The cobra stands up but can't quite reach up on the counter, though it's coming very close. Probably if it keeps trying it will succeed. I have to discourage it somehow.

There is a basin built into the kitchen counter and I open the faucet and try to direct the water with my hands so that it runs violently over the edge of the counter and onto the snake.

I carefully look over the edge of the counter. I have so much trouble to see clearly, because my eyes are still so sleepy and just want to go back to sleep. Looks like the snake is moving alongside the cupboards and to the left, where there is a pantry door, hopefully with another back door to outside. I can't quite remember; if there is a back door to outside, I haven't used it in like forever. But if it's there, hopefully the snake can crawl out underneath it.

One thing hits me suddenly. The snake really ran after us when we came in here, almost desperately. I'm trying to think that perhaps it was trapped in here for days, and though it is afraid of humans, sometimes animals know that humans with their advanced abilities are the only ones who can help them. Perhaps it wanted me to help it get out of here, seeing obviously as I can open doors and windows.

I try to see if there's a window of opportunity for us to escape. It seems that snake might have gone into the pantry. I make another run for it, out the kitchen door and into the hallway. Next to the kitchen, there's another door. Was this the door to outside?

I open the door quickly, and though it's not the door to outside, it leads to a little landing room with double doors that might just lead outside. If only they're not locked!

I quickly slide all the latches open. I open the doors. Thank goodness, they open and aren't locked!

And what's more, they lead to outside! There's a little porch and then steps and a fence and a street, with a field on the other side of the street. The afternoon sun shines warmly on it.

I leave the double doors open so the snake can get out, but I know it will come out any second now so I try to run to the right, hopefully followed by Majesty, to give the snake some safe space to exit the premises.

Oh yes, I see there was another door inside the pantry that leads to outside, because that's where I find myself now. And I almost put my hand on the fence, when I see what looks like a cobra entwined in it, trying to escape out of the house.

Is this the first snake or the second snake? Don't know, but it seems I keep running into snakes. And I still have so much trouble keeping my eyes open!!

Suddenly I can open my eyes much easier. I'm now in my bed in Tower Mansion, awaking from a good afternoon nap. So the whole thing with the snakes was just a nightmare. I can feel I have a very full bladder, and that uncomfort is obviously what's been giving me the nightmare.

Well, I'm slightly relieved. Though our real lives haven't been much different lately with all the snakes around; it might as well have been real. In my office I've been feeling very uncomfortable, always checking under the desks every now and again to see that there isn't any snakes on the floor. And just the other day, Father opened a cupboard in his aeroplane factory, only to be spat venom at by a rinkhals without a white collar. Fortunately he was wearing safety goggles and didn't get the poison in his eyes, but he did get it on his skin and arms. He washed his face and arms off quickly, but the next day it appeared he missed a few spots on his arms and marks appeared where the poison had reacted with the skin.

I must say, snakes that spit venom aren't something I can quite come to terms with.

Well, after getting up, I suddenly feel like writing an online article about the snake in the garden of Eden. How could that snake speak? Most logical answer is that it didn't refer to a snake at all, but was a symbol or identification mark of a god.

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