Traveler on the run

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a poem about a traveler who on getting to his destination was in a deli ma on what he was presented with in his new environment

Traveler on the run

Traveler on the run

Traveler landed in tubu station Accra
Street crowded with wagons, cars, taxis, automobiles, trucks, bicycles, screeching their insistent menace after the manner he had known in Lagos

We are almost there the driver said
He was surprised by the tremendous
Rush and endless movement of things
Jumped in the car and straight way to his final destination

Driving in the dark street
Traveler was to have no more than a nightmare vision of the city an experience like a bad dream

Car slowed down
Finally we are here the driver said to the traveler
Traveler emerged from the car
He was astonished the nightmare city was gone
The city has disappeared into extinction

Welcome sir
Greeting to the arriving traveler
Physically exhausted
Pride bruised
He was appalled, deep in him
Below any reasoning process or act of consciousness

Traveler had had enough
His vision clear now
He ask for a place to lay
And refresh himself
Take your rest
And feel at home
Traveler glanced at the attendant
Everything OK said the attendant
Traveler still in amazement
Yeah just feeding my eyes he replied
Goodnight sir
Thank you
He responded

Sleeping in the midst of his dream
Hovering note caress the night
Sounds of bell in his ear
Voice muttering
Wake up
Wake up
We go
We go
Jumped on his feet
In dilemma to act

What’s going on
He asked
Question to be answered
Reply from behind
Get yourself together
It’s time for sacrifice
What sacrifice
He asked again
When you get to the altar you surely know
Reply from a passer-bye

Dews in the morning
Wet behind ears
Ringing bell to awake
Every man to call of sacrifice
Stampede of movement
On the stairs to destination
Man make way for yourself
In the timeless count of time

Serpentine on the axis
Edge falling apart
Meeting in the noon of the hour
Celestials on the run
Traveling the meridian lines
Where it pole lies
In the silence of it world
Absent minded
Thoughtless day

Conscious of time
Roll on the call
Shouting crowd responded

We walk the time
To avoid been caught up with it
We compel the force
To avoid work been forced on us
Said an old traveler
To the new traveler

Oh militarize act is what i see here
Wilderness aroma is what i sense here
My soul melting for help to survive
Help me Lord
The new traveler replied
From the agony of his heart


Confusion, Shock, Surprise

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

Any part two on this? Felt like left hanging :(

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
3rd Feb 2015 (#)

watch out for part 2

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