Travesties, battles, changes in life circumstances. These writings were created during this.

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So much of my life has changed recently, much for the better, but all change is stressful.
It was during this period of change that I wrote these poems.

“Pseudo Haiku” by Jerry E Smith ©11/14/16

The morning has arrived,
Sleep fogs my mind.
Wonders await;
I shall thrive.
Growth and progress
Outpouring of cleaned
Breath, Exuding

“Pseudo Haiku” by
Jerry E Smith

“Icebergs of Life” by Jerry E Smith ©11/14/16

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg” is a cliché we’ve all heard,
But in point of fact, it is very true. What shows above the
Water is only a tiny fraction of the whole hunk of ice, as
It floats around the ocean. This is true of our lives; so
Very much of our lives, we keep hidden from view,
Down below the surface where the sun doesn’t
Shine. There, those things guide us or torment
Us as we circulate through the oceans of life.
A passing ship can wreck on the ice below
The surface long before it gets close to
The visible iceberg. Again, this can be
The case in our lives; Relationships,
Jobs, careers and loved ones can
Founder on the hidden truths
Below the surface; invisible
To view, they cause us to
Sabotage our very own
Happiness. Do what
You can to clean
Those hidden
Obstacles to
You peace.
Easier said
Than done, I
Know. Rocks, below
The surface, are dangerous.

“Icebergs of Life” by
Jerry E Smith

“No Separation, No Loneliness” by Jerry E Smith ©11/17/16

Lonely thoughts are echoing in my mind,
Around in my skull; each other Chasing.

Thinking, always thinking is tedious,
Whereas feeling; so much more rewarding.

Am I alone, inside a closed circle?
Don’t we share all the same thoughts echoing?

I know we all have the same hearts, beating,
Therefore we must all share the same feelings.

“No Separation, No Loneliness” by
Jerry E Smith

“Everyone is Broken” by Jerry E Smith ©11/19/16

Everyone is broken,
In one way or another.
We can limp along alone,
Or we can lean upon our brothers.
One chair may have three legs,
Another; no seat. Together they
Can support each other and
Still not have to beg.

“Everyone is Broken” by
Jerry E Smith


Self Expression, Troubled Times

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author avatar Jongleur
I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
24th Nov 2016 (#)

Hi Jongleur...
Do I detect a small amount of negativity in your works today ?
Cheer up my friend .
Many ships still sail safely across the world without encountering icebergs and with the sophisticated radar we have nowadays such obstacles can be easily registered and avoided.
Likewise , if we turn to the Lord in our times of trouble , He leads us out of danger and into calm waters where He restores our souls .
Be very blessed today my friend , and be encouraged ...Your writings are still very well worth reading .
Many blessings to you always
Stella ><

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author avatar Jongleur
10th Dec 2016 (#)

Not so much negativity, just life. Thank you as always for your comments and encouragement Ms. Mitchell. I hope you are well.

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