Truckapades in the middle of the night!

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So Mother wants to speed away from the black truck driver who's walking up to her window. What if he eats us!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Truckapades in the middle of the night!

(Continued from here.)

I tell her to wait. What bad manners would it be to speed away from a stranger coming to your car window in the dark of night in a desolate area?

So she doesn't speed away no more. Instead, she stops and opens her window to hear what he wants.

He says he's lost. He's supposed to go to Carltonburg.

Well, maybe Mother can help him cuz I can't. I have no idea where we even are.

Indeed, Mother is sure she can help him. She nicely gives him all sorts of directions that he should take. Personally I thought it's complicated but he seems to understand it.

And so, he thanks us and gets back into his lorry and off he drives.

But, I know Mother, and know that she's always so sure of herself and very stubborn when corrected, but then usually is wrong anyway.

So, I ask her if she's absolutely sure that she directed him correctly. She says she is.

I ask her again if she's sure. She says she is.

And then she realizes she's not. She gave him the wrong directions. She forgot about a turn or three more that slipped her mind.

She asks me what now. I don't know what now. That truck is some distance away by now. Mother says that he'll probably find his way.

But what if he doesn't? She then decides that we must swing the car around and speed off after him and his truck loaded with bricks, and go tell him the correct road.

I tell her his truck was loaded with cardboard actually. Like recycled crushed cardboard. She of course says it's not so, and that his truck was loaded with bricks. Sigh, Mother you sweet dear you and your impreciseness.

Anyway, we speed off in the dark of night on some lonely road trying to catch up with the truck loaded with cardboard.

We do find him again after some time. But ok, now what? That truck is too huge to just stop anywhere. We can't get him to stop.

But at least, when we're close, Mother can see that it's cardboard. Oh, it's cardboard she says. What do you know!

Anyway, now she gets something among paranoid and anxious and excited and worked up, because she has to tell him in time that the way she instructed him was wrong before he actually goes the wrong way, but now the road is getting so busy and we can't stop and there are other cars and it's basically impossible to communicate with the truck driver.

Mother overtakes him and then screams at me to do something. I tell her I can't because in front of us is a highway and we can't stop and that truck is so huge it can't stop anywhere around here now.

What to do!!!

We enter the highway and keep going. The truck driver did spot us at least because he's honking at us in a way that suggests we're not just in his way but that he's also grateful that we helped him earlier.

But nope, that was all wrong. We must show him the way now!!

Right. We'll just drive the right way ourselves and then hope he follows us. Not that we were going in that direction or anything.

Well, hopefully it will work but I keep telling Mother she can't stop here in the middle of the highway, because she keeps on slowing down to a crawl every time she looks in the rear view mirror to look at the truck.

So, we drive on and don't know how to communicate with the truck. (Continue reading this fascinating tale here.)


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