True Love

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Money cannot buy everything. If you don't agree with me, this poem is nut from your point of view.

True Love

Those who talk too much are blamed
Those who talk too little are blamed
Those who neither talk too much nor too little
are also blamed
No one is unblamed
Dear Appana, please go on talking
If your words can help to brighten up
the spirits of some poor souls
won’t your talking bring forward
great deeds?
From history we learned that the ladies
who could write beautiful poems
were beautiful ladies themselves
The poems are the mirrors of the souls
an evil mind cannot produce beautiful things
whatever things they may be!
My path is full of obstacles
I’m still in the tunnel
It doesn’t matter
I’ve seen the light at the other end
I’ve heard a girl singing:
The sky is blue
My love for him is true.
I’ll reach the exit at Pulau Ubin
unless the sea water crushes in
and drowns me to death
If Ta Pei Kong is willing
I shall see the beautiful girl
who will be plucking wild flowers
at the exit of the tunnel.
As expected, the girl was there
with a bouquet of flowers
I gave her some money
and took the flowers
to place in front of the Buddha statue
As I bowed down on the floor
She put all the money she had
into the donation box and bowed beside me
She told me
she didn’t need any more money
with me around her
We shall walk, hand in hand toward Nirvana
It doesn’t matter if it takes a billion years
With this pure person beside me
A billion years is but an hour!
Who else do I need?
Copyright © 2004 by Poh Tiong Ho


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