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Love is a powerful word.
But, if you don't know, it's true meaning,
it means nothing at all.

What is a True Family?

What is family? Why do most cause so much pain?
Love is a very strong emotion.
That many people take it in vane.
How can one, who claims to love you, hurt you so badly.
And, say they did it all because they love you.

They take a knife and cut you to shreds.
Hoping that after they have done this, you still care.
How dare they think, after cutting you so deeply,
they have a right to be a part of your life.

They leave you to heal the holes.
Thinking, everything is all right.

They do these things, not out of love.
But out of control.
You're not a child any more.
They have no power over you, anymore.
This causes them great distress
You have learned to think and speak for yourself.
But, they still see you as a child who needs them for everything
Even though, you have children of your own.

They in fact have no real life of their own.
For if they did, they would have never torn yours apart.

Love is a powerful word.
But, if you don't know, it's true meaning,
it means nothing at all.

They say, blood is thicker than water.
But, not if pain and sorrow, have caused the blood to spoil.

Family is more than, the ones you are born into.
For this is only family's earthy meaning.
Your true family, is your kin of the spirit.
Keep these near and pushed the other ones away.
For, if one isn't in a class of the same kind.
Then their energy suffers great pain and sorrow.
Until, they find a family of the soul.
For this is what a real family is.
And, their soul will be happy and freed from pain and sorrow,
that was caused, by what as a child, they thought was their family.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Jun 2014 (#)

The whole world is our family. Just because we are closely related to each other does not a family make - it is how we are there in times of need and leave others alone to decide for themselves - siva

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author avatar vickylass
11th Jun 2014 (#)

I always think that love isn´t looking into each other´s eyes nor words that can b way too sweet, but care for the other person and two people looking at the same direction. Good share!

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author avatar WOGIAM
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Family is more than those we share biological features with, I think family are those who care and support you unconditionally.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Well, family to me is not the fake display of love seen on the movie screen and spoken of in many of Mrs. Beauty Pageants with no pain etc.

Family life is endurance that comes from knowing what life really is along with the ability to stay together and make a home with kids and a loving father and mother who have their fights and squabbles but know how to do it without being discovered.

None the less, with such hatred Brenda, I am sorry, it is best that you don't have a family and fact, kids are not a pain but a blessing from the One Above and I cherish my child greatly.
Love in today's world is a three letter word in between sheets it isn't, love is more than that, its filial, consensual, sacrificial, spiritual and with several forms that you might not know of or even understand.

None the less, you possibly are short on the Bender and need an English Marie with Tea to go into I love my family rather than romping around like a teddy bear with just anybody and everybody within your own transport saying family causes me irate pain, hurt, cheaters are around and what not and then trying to take control of everything until you collapse and kill a person with a heartache and pain and drive them to starvation and suicide as you don't let them eat food or even breathe on their own for the sake your your neverending pained demands.
Here is a thing: A woman is the true essence of making a home but when men are brought up poorly by their mothers, not necessarily insinuating you, I have to say they make horrid husbands and they not worth being around as fathers to women who are willing to do anything to make a family and make it work.

Some people think letting go and pushing it with anybody makes a family, not it doesn't you become the object of promiscuity and in layman's term a bloody slut and not worth enough to be called family material.

I have loved with a true heart and have had a family with the same amount of fervour but unfortunately, have a husband, who is still married to me BTW, with poor upbringing and believes in sexing concubines with the mothers' approval and even going with her and the other two sister in-laws in the house. I have witnessed it within the family whilst staying them too. I walked out with my child for moral purposes and raise my offspring singlehandedly.

None the less, you can stick with your family values and ask if it is love publicly forgetting that your outlook and values of life that shows the kind of demeaning, hurtful person you really are. If I were a man, I would never have a woman like you as a wife and Shiva can adjust as that is the typical Indian mentality and how most of the homes function out there AND without divorces.

Go chew on your English Marie now and say shit. Its been a learning experience and I have learnt men are just vultures who want sex and nothing else and one who proves me wrong, would be ideal to be called a man who would make a family yet again as of today, ALL good men are dead and those who are good enough are just too young to be in league with me for a family life.....

Coco Jumbo Brenda just play jingle bells and jump up and down you will see all of them spring to life and few kids will form along side couple of abortions and then after that call it family in an intrigued setting that includes I have a kid in Paris, got a kid in Rome, Even have a priest in the Vatacan Dome. Don't get me started, that is not family, that is just sex to create babies and walk out. A real family is when a child knows he/she has knows he/she has a mother or father and sometimes both whom they can rely on to advise them and bring them the perspective and allay their fears and put their arms around them and say I love you and always here for you. Its not necessarily the distance but more the fact that you prove your character and the reason why you should be a role model to that child in life. Now that is my love, its filial not incest and more than anything else I help my friends kids too in giving them perspective.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Family life is a very different life wherein as a parent you are a rolemodel and that is how you inspire and bring lives to reflect who you are through them. They are not necessarily your own children but guess what with you as a mum we'll have a lot of mad kids around as I would never give it in negative ways of asking what a family is and what love is. Its the we you bring up kids that reflect what the family is apart from them having their own soul path to lead and that also does determine behavior of a child and life....

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author avatar Ginaguo
14th Dec 2015 (#)

I like and understand this poem very well. I'm so lucky to marry such a wonderful husband who made me believe that in this world the true love just exists. He travelled half of the earth to meet and marry me, I'm a chinese, he is an American. He left all his american family members behind to seek his real happiness and the true "family".
Pitifully I fail to live up to his deep love to me, I am a coward, Only 1 year after we married in China, he passed away lonely suddenly. We don't know the exact death cause, just guess he should die of a sudden heart attack.

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