True Stories don't just help us see but shape our lives as well.

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True Stories can be a way of conveying a message, observe.

True Stories are true accounts of people's lives.

The Problem:
Have you ever been in a family where you're the brains, and everyone around you just ignores your advice because they think they know better? Well that's my plight, but I've found ways of dealing with it, and I'll share my knowledge with all those who read this and can relate.

The Solutions:
For one, stop talking. Don't waste your powers of foresight on people who don't want to listen or have a record of not listening to you especially when you're trying to help them. Many were the days where I would tell some members of my family that a particular course of action would only prove to hurt them in the end, but my advice always fell on deaf ears. If you're going through this same thing then do what I did, stop talking.

Next, detach. Millions of times, you might be asked about a situation that might need your opinion or your counsel. Don't give it because good chance if that person is weighing their options then there's an even better chance that your counsel could get ignored or overlooked. There were dozens of times where this has happened to me and I've learned to detach from people, and their situations. Do the same, and that way you can save your sanity while watching someone else lose theirs.

True Story, I have 8 cats and my mother took in another bringing the total to 9. I warned her that having a ninth cat could do reprehensible damage to her finances, and her mental sanity. Well it turns out that I was right again as usual because the little cat has caused some decent amounts of damage around the house and some things had to be either thrown out or replaced. My mother got all kinds of upset to the point where she kept saying that she couldn't wait until the cat got out of the house. Now, I have gotten to the point where I don't bother advising anyone in my family anymore because they don't listen.

The relief:
There's one perk to having your advice ignored by family, friends or even random people that you live with, and that is you can say those 4 magical words that they're going to hate to hear because they didn't listen to you when you were trying to help them. Those words are: I told you so. I have told many a family member that because the situation called for it and I was well within my right.

Finally, don't waste your breath and powers of foresight on people who won't listen to you especially if they have a record of not listening to any advice they're given especially if its from you because your foresight is too valuable to waste on those kinds of people. Also, when people come to you about complaints or problems that they're having because they didn't listen then you can ignore them; I mean why drive yourself crazy when you don't have to.

In closing, don't waste your time trying to help people out of the graves that they dig for themselves because it's better for them to live and learn instead of always trying to get away with not listening to the sage, you.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Good afternoon, RJ11. Sometimes in life, we still just have to say it because it is the right thing to say. I work with addicts and alcoholics and there are times that I know I am not being heard, however, I would feel worse if I did not say what I know to be true. I also am an alcoholic and drug addict with 25 years in recovery, so do know a few things....:) ~Marilyn

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
22nd Mar 2015 (#)

Permit me to say there is a flaw in this piece. You are presuming you're the brains and the rest of the family are duds.

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