True happiness in life

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This is a short story about living and how to be happy

How to be Happy

Once a teacher was teaching something in the class, then suddenly some thought crossed his mind, of taking a small test of his class. So he called all the children and told them to write their names in a small piece of paper, and all the children follow the teacher and wrote their own name on a leaflet. Then teacher took all the leaflet and put them in a box.
Now he told all the children to find the piece of paper with their name written from the box. Now what, all the children rush to the box and started to search for the leaflet with his/her name, they were searching so desperately and rapidly that few leaflets got torn and some fell on the ground and even though, the children were unable to found the leaflet with their own name.
Then teacher asked all the children, what happened, did you all found the leaflet with your name, all the children were standing very sadly and didn’t say anything. Teacher smiled a little and said, it doesn’t matter do one thing all of you take one leaflet and give that leaflet to that person whose name is written on it. All the children took one leaflet each and they gave to the person whose name was on the leaflet, and within 2 minutes all the children were standing with the leaflet with his/her name written on it.
Now teacher explains to them that, few minutes earlier all of you were searching for the leaflet with your name written on it very desperately but you didn’t find the right one, but when all of you worked together you did it in few minutes, like this in our life we run alone for ourselves and we never find happiness. So, if we work together and share our happiness and sorrow with each other then it will become easy for us to be happy.
One great man has said that if you want to be happy then try to make others happy.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Nov 2015 (#)

No one can be happy living in an island all by oneself - siva

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