Trust Me..!

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This is how some love-stories begin... Probably some last like this...

Trust Me..!

"Trust me..!", he had told me that day,
Trying to convince me in every possible way.
No matter how much I tried to explain,
All my efforts, just seemed to go in vain.

I was scared and was also absolutely unsure,
Not for myself, but for his heart, that was so pure.
What if I let him into the high walls built around me,
And he finds me as broken and weak as I could ever be.

The world had always seen me smiling and strong,
For them, I was like a happy and sweet song.
But on the inside, the story was an absolute contrast,
I was stuck somewhere, though life was moving fast.

And here was he, wanting to see me through,
To love me and give me a life new.
I did not expect him to wait for an year long,
Hoped that soon he would give up and be gone.

I first introduced him to the worst in me,
But he was determined to get me free.
I told him, I could give him nothing,
He assured, just my presence meant everything.

I had been carrying a heavy luggage of my past,
He promised to share all of it, until it lasts.
It was not easy for me, nor was it for him,
But he never let the ray of hope grow dim.

I let him see my wounds that were deep and sore,
He felt them as if they were his own, his heart tore.
I told, with me, the journey of life would not be easy,
His eyes were moist, but his love did not grow hazy.

He held me strong, and assured me a bright future,
He stayed absolutely real, did not paint a caricature.
I always felt protected and secure with him,
He gave a fresh breath to my life, that had been grim.

He lifted me every time I fumbled and fell,
He understood my fears really very well.
I was extremely special and precious to him,
To become the same for me, was his dream.

Even in his anger, that sometimes he showed,
I could always feel he only cared and loved.
My ever cold life suddenly felt warm and cozy,
He gave me dreams that were warm and rosy.

Time flew and our bond only grew stronger,
He and his love became my life's anchor.
His most desired dream came true finally,
I fell in love with him, absolutely madly.

I trusted him, with every ounce of my being,
Like a little turtle, I came out of my hiding.
I dropped my guard, took him into my innermost perimeter,
For me, there never was and never would be a time better.

"Trust me...!", he had said and I did,
I grew up, only to be loved like his kid.
With undying love and great care,
He proved, only for each other we were made.


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author avatar Lavanya
I am an emotional, creative and expressive person and I express my emotions in the form of poems and articles. I write in Hindi and English.

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author avatar LOVERME
3rd Mar 2016 (#)

is he glad

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author avatar Lavanya
7th Mar 2016 (#)


I hope so! :)

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author avatar Dr vinita
19th May 2016 (#)

dear lavani. .heart touching are becoming more mature by each passing day.'.bahut sunder aur marmik abhivyakti' likhti raho yu hi...

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author avatar Lavanya
21st May 2016 (#)

Dr. Vinita: Thank you maa!

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