Tunnel to Darkness......VI

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Travails of two friends working in the tunnel under the city

And Life Goes On....

But unfortunate as it may be, the day dawned soon enough and thus began another day same as the one before it. Hard work and more hard work, sleep and start again. Saturday was payday, Vikram and Aaron lined up with the others and eagerly waited for their turn for their first pay. At last they reached the head of the line, where the gang boss was sitting with a ledger and distributing cash. Without looking up he handed Vikram Rs.60, 20 less than the promised Rs.80. For a second, Vikram was too stunned to react, then he stuttered,'Th..This is less!!' The Boss looked up and disdainfully replied,' The balance is my fees, for giving work to worthless scum like you, if you have a problem with that, just get lost and never come back... Am I clear?' Vikram was silent for a while, not knowing how to react. Aaron put a hand on his shoulder from behind, and whispered 'Bro, we need this job more than this guy needs us, let's move on...' Vikram nodded mutely and slowly shuffled away, allowing Aaron to take his place and get robbed, like him.
That day, as they reached Anand's room, distressed and down, they met only Reena as Anand was not back yet. Reena explained 'On payday, he generally comes back via the market, picks up some vegetables and all.. What's up boys? Why are you both looking so unhappy? Your first pay, isn't it?' They merely nodded, and then Aaron told her the reason for their depression.. Reena smiled, 'That is routine for him, as soon as you become a little senior and make some friends he'll stop doing it, so don't fret over it and spoil your first payday, go, get some chicken, we'll celebrate!' They perked up some at this suggestion and hurried out. The meal that they had that night, was one of the best they had had in their relatively short lifetime!
Thus, life went on, after about a month, Aaron and Vikram shifted to a room of their own when the present occupant ran away in the middle of the night. Though they spent all their available time at Anand's room, they still had a room to call their own. Anand and Reena had by now become their joint mentors and guardians and the fleecing by the gang boss had also withered away. Seasons changed and the tunnel wormed its way further into the earth, boys became men and father time rolled on in its relentless march.
As the years rolled by, the tunnel neared completion. Barring the minor labor problems and land acquisition troubles, work progressed smoothly. Anand was contemplating going back to the village after the work would get completed, and with his savings would put up a grocery shop and retire in peace. Aaron and Vikram had become senior members of the force now and were thinking of where to go next once this tunnel got completed. They were feeling a little nostalgic and sad at the prospect of having to leave their room and move on into the unknown, the room having been their home for more than three years now. A few clothes, some utensils and a couple of images of their revered Goddess compiled all their worldly possessions but this had become their kingdom, built brick upon little brick.
Then one night, without the slightest warning, their carefully cultivated world just came crashing down around them....



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11th Feb 2015 (#)

Great story!

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