Tunnel to Darkness.....VII

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Travails of two friends working in a tunnel under the city

Twist in the tale

The morning came as ever and found all of them going to work as on any other day. The day progressed as usual too, and at the end of it Aaron and Vikram trudged back to their room, rested a while and then went to the communal loo to freshen up. About an hour later, they went to Anand's room for their evening tea. but were surprised to find the flimsy door locked. They asked the woman in the next room about Reena, who said that she had last seen her hurriedly walking off at around 4 pm and Anand had probably left at his usual time in the morning for work, she wasn't too sure about that. They asked around a bit but couldn't get any further new information from anybody else. Figuratively shrugging their shoulders, they went back to their room, putting this unusual act down to a sudden visit to the market or something.
It would have been around eight in the evening and neither Anand nor Reena had come back yet. After waiting for another 15 minutes or so, they checked again but to no avail, the room was still locked. It was some time after that Anand himself came to their room, he seemed to have come directly from work, grimy and fatigued. He asked. 'Where's Reena? Why is the door locked?' Aaron told him, 'We have no idea, we thought she's with you, the lady next door told us she's left around four pm and hasn't come back.' 'That's strange! I have no idea where she could have gone. Come, we'll go ask around, maybe she's told someone where she has gone.' Anand said. Both boys got up immediately and left with Anand.
For the next one hour, they went around the entire locality asking people about Reena and even went to their work site, but nobody had seen her. She just seemed to have vanished suddenly. Anand was getting extremely distraught by now, and so were the boys. Reena had no relatives in town, no other friend besides those in their neighborhood, at least as far as they knew. Should they go to the police? Or wait till the morning, hoping she comes back on her own?



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