Tunnel to Darkness...Part II

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Travails of two friends working in tunnel under the city

To the City

Everyone looked on in wonder, eyes full of unvoiced questions. This was not envy, this was rueful wonderment at what is not to be. A world as wondrous as an alien planet. One that you hear of and never get to see.
Only Aaron timidly dared to ask, ‘Brother, what do you do in the city?’
Anand replied, ‘I am a builder, I construct large buildings in the city for people to live and work in’
Aaron, now encouraged, asked, ‘Can we also go there and learn how to build buildings?’
Anand smiled, and said, ‘Why not? But do you know how to build buildings?’
Aaron replied, ‘We don’t but if you teach us we can learn in a few days, we are strong and willing to do anything, just give us an opportunity to prove ourselves. We want to live the dream that you have shown us!’
Anand was impressed at the youngsters insistence, gave them his address in the city and they all retired for the night.
A few weeks of scrounging their meager savings together, both boys managed to gather enough for their train fare to the city and a little over for food. A tearful farewell later, they set off for the unknown city. Little did they know, that dreams and reality were rarely good friends. The rainbow of color rose into the clouds and disappeared, two young and naive souls labored on in their journey to the pot of gold at the other end, not knowing if destiny would smile on them ever. Just clinging on to their hope.
Three days later, they set foot on the platform, two drops in an ocean of humanity. They were flabbergasted at the sight, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, buildings reaching into the clouds, people wearing weird clothes and above all a cacophony of noise which made them shout into each others' ears, to be heard over the din. Slowly, they made their way out of the station, dreading the adventure that now awaited them. To find Anand in this city of millions....
They approached a nearby stall on the footpath with hesitant steps, asked the man for the address Anand had given them. The man waved them on towards the nearby bus-stand, 'Board the Route 46 bus and get down at the New Town stop, then ask your way around'. Thanking the man, Aaron and Vikram made their way to the bus stand where another obstacle faced them. They couldn't read the scribbling on the buses! Asking another man, they finally found the bus they were looking for and boarded it, crowded into a corner. After trundling through congested streets and crazy traffic all around, they were shoved out on a street blistering in the mid-day sun. This area was a little peaceful compared to the station they came from, under construction buildings were all around them, with stunted trees dotting the footpaths. The intermittent wind blew swirls of dust all around them, settling on their sweaty bodies in layers of grime. The sparkle of hope in their eyes dimming into apprehension and fear of the unknown.
After asking around some more and another thirty minutes, they reached a shantytown kind of block, located between a line of buildings. The narrow lane passing through a row of hovels was far dirtier than any place in their village, the stink far worse. The room they were pointed to, had a red cloth hanging across the doorway and plastic sheets covered the wall around it. Aaron called out for Anand, and after a lengthy pause, a woman's head peeked out from behind the curtain....



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