Turn these rocks into bread if you're still the Son of God...

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The Temptation of Jesus by Satan; can anyone really tempt a God?

Turn these rocks into bread if you're still the Son of God...

A sweltering Jesus sat on the hot sands of Mount Quarantania; Luciah stepped through the membranes in front of Yahshua, smiling widely.
“Greetings brother, I never thought that you’d actually do it.”
The Devil smiled and continued. “That’s a nice body: I see you kept The One’s face, a patronymic designation - how nice. But tell me, what is your purpose of being here.”
Jesus stood up. He was six feet tall, beautiful, with hazel-colored wavy hair flowing shoulder length, forked beard, black eyebrows, and olive-tinted swarthy complexion - the color of wheat.
Jesus said, “You have blinded the minds of men, so they look upon their creator with fear, as a severe and unforgiving God, a being whose chief attribute is stern justice, - a harsh exacting creditor, and a mean taskmaster. Does The One watch everyone with jealous eye to discern errors to visit grievous judgments on the souls he created because of love? I come to remove your dark shadow, by revealing to the world the infinite love of God, and dispatch the lie of any eternity without us.
“You, the king of apostasy, who speaks lies against the Most High, doing the unlawful against my children, question foolishly; my purpose is to do my Father’s will.”
The Devil waited patiently for a minute or two, to force Jesus to expand his answer, but Jesus did to say another word, and the two bitterest enemies in all creation locked eyeball-to-eyeball, waiting for the other to blink first. Luciah blinked.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I read the scriptures about me. But I bring to remembrance when you said so long ago; I hear your voices and feel your pain. This cancer within our Heaven must be removed regardless of the pain, regardless of the tears or the suffering.
“That day has been a long time coming hasn’t it? We can remove that cancer today for there is no reason anymore to fight and have this caucus. Your children you forced into the flesh are suffering for no discernible reason I can see. Just give us one of the billions of universes you created. We can have peace today – I extend an eternal olive branch, the branch of peace between us.”
Jesus frowned. “You know the Angelic Law. It is written, there is no freedom from fidelity to us – and we have said this many times Luciah, and you already know this.”
“And why did this all happen?” the Devil retorted. “It was because I took your leash off my neck, so you couldn’t take my heart to wipe your butt on again. You’ve already sentenced me to death, and you still want me to believe I deserved it – is that fair? And for that reason, I stand a criminal before you today. Yahshua, The Son of God: whatever, I’ll even call you Jesus - all this can be resolved today, just give us a place to live. I swear you’ll never see our faces again. Are we really so horrible that we don’t deserve life – aren’t we your children too?”
“It is written, only The One is worthy of worship, and he will have no dogs biting him his house.”
“We are bigger than all of this.” Lucifer paused and changed tactics desiring to reason with his Creator.
“The processes of my soul, personality, and construction cannot be changed. I'm judged guilty for how I process information. Because of that, I stand here less loved, not repairable, and deemed eternally defective. You purposely put me into this undesirable un-winnable position, for I was never allowed to choose my own personality.
"The life you’ve given has become a curse. Is that agape love? We are the second-class citizens of all creation: the less loved hated pariah outcasts threatened with eternal death. You have made life an insidious trap that separates us into loved-more and loved-less. Tell me Yahshua-Jesus; are we the inevitable slag, the disposal byproduct of the gold you constantly talk about – the collateral fallout of your perfect plan? The reality is - if we think independently, we are suddenly irrevocably flawed: sanctioned for eternal destruction.”
Lucifer paused amazed at his own fervor; he spoke as a transparent being in front of his Creator, the flesh casing did not matter. Billions on both sides of the demarcation observed through the membranes intently.
“You are bigger than this; for you know what I say is truth. I swear on my own soul that we can end this war today and turn everything back to the way it used to be. It is a win-win for everyone.”
Jesus looked at the Devil intently. “It is written; you cannot have rebellion in your heart and live in my house. As a sovereign, we have bent over backwards for our children. We will bend no further; there must be an ending to any rebellion.”
The Devil did not pause a moment. “Well since I’m summoned here against my will, let’s at least have something to eat. Make a table – you can still speak things into existence can’t you – even in the flesh; I know you can. A true God can only give up the appearance of power – I know you have the power.
“Okay forget the table,” Luciah said reacting to Jesus’ displeasure, smiling. “Let’s just sit down and talk this out - for The One cannot do great good because of me, neither will he do evil – we can break this limbo.
“Why don’t you turn these rocks into bread if you are still the Son of God despite that flesh covering – and make some wine too – I swear I’ll drink it as a gesture of the peace I have in my heart towards you.”
Jesus answered, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
Then the Devil rapidly paged through all that the prophets had written about this Messiah. No evil will befall thee; neither shall any plague come upon thy dwelling. For The One shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways, for the Angels shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. He shall tread upon the constructed lion and serpent, for The One will deliver him, setting him on high, because my Anointed One hath always known my face, even before the beginning.
Later Luciah pulled him within the membranes, exiting high above the city on the roof of the Temple's main tower, above the sanctuary, one hundred and eighty public feet above ground. He said, “If you’re the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, he shall give his Angels charge concerning you: and in their hands they shall bear you up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.”
“You can jump-start everything. You can be a living miracle who converts the world by this one spectacular act, as manifested by walking away from a public jump from this high pinnacle. All those down there would surely worship you as God if you do this thing. And I swear even my Priesthood will bow and obey your commands through all the generations of this fishbowl universe.”
Jesus, knowing his deceit of quoting scripture by omitting essential words and twisting meanings, said unto him, “It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”
Luciah stepped into the membranes absolutely exasperated, and surged high above the earth pulling his Creator with him, transporting and interfacing effortlessly with his craft.
“Look below you Yahshua at the beautiful planet you created and all the kingdoms of man, I propose a discursive solution; if you cannot enter into peace with me, at least end the suffering of this warzone you have immersed them into because of me, and end the war.
“I will give up my manifest destiny - prince of this world for you. You can have this world and save thousands of years of unnecessary pain and suffering – I will give it up, and all who follow me will surrender. I will give The One back this earth and I will abscond, if you just fall down and worship me – just once.
“There will be peace between us and the war will end today – I swear this under my thigh, I will give up my authority and power over this earth for you. Nothing I ask is for me, but those who follow me – give them a universe to live in, and I will accept my death sentence without quarrel.”
The brotherhood gasped in shock. It was a sacrificial magnanimous phenomenal beyond imagination; Lucifer offered his life for them. No greater love could another have, than to lay down his life for his brothers. And a billion Angels simultaneously wiped hot tears from their eyes, trembling uncontrollably with emotion at the unimaginable unbelievable.
Luciah continued pleading for peace, “The world will be at peace as it was for two thousand years before Adam. I swear I will never again molest a single soul. You can be in total control again; isn’t it why you are here, to defeat me – I will give you the keys of death and all my power to you today.”
Jesus stared at the rotating blue planet below him for a moment, thinking of the day he had lovingly created this prodigal soul; he was special, the full pattern, the first soul created in the Great Construction – he felt nothing but hatred.
Jesus cleared his throat and said, “It is written: 'The Lord, your God, shall you worship and him alone shall you serve, for the Lord thy God is a jealous God.'"
“What is it with all this ‘it is written stuff? Why can’t we just talk and have an honest conversation? I am offering the end of this war and giving you options to still be Messiah and still win…”
Jesus interrupted, “Presumption with regards to The One’s unrevealed will is death, but trusting his revealed will is life unending: for as the plants sustains all flesh life, I am the vine that sustains all creation, bearing much fruit.
“Luciah, the root problem of every relationship issue we have, is the way you think. Because you believe we created you this way, you strive against us, erroneously transferring your guilt into hatred of the billions whom you loved over the backward eternities. You are in enmity by nature of your stupidity, and despite our emotions against you, we who are The One find this is a complete tragedy in our eyes.”
Before Luciah could say a word in response, the Son of God disappeared into an explosion of light that threw him violently across his craft, slamming into the walls. The Devil slowly regrouped feeling deep disillusionment and wrath.
He wiped an angry tear from his eye; he paced inside his craft ruminating hard on Jesus. He roared, insanely screaming, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, over and over, at ear-splitting volume for the next two days.
Exhausting himself, his throat burning from the effort, he flexed through the membrane as his blue veins buckled beneath his translucent indestructible. In response thousands of predators descended furiously towards Mount Quarantania, deep in the wilderness.
Jesus stood upon the mount talking with Yahaveh; in his mind, he was never alone for he was The One, of The One, and still Lord of All. Michael and seventeen Angels stepped through the membranes, bearing the finest foods, the wines of The One, exotic fruits and vegetables, and sweet breads and blocks of fragrant cheeses. An air-conditioned tent complex materialized complete with royal furnishings. Jesus reclined on an exquisitely rich gelatinous stitched sofa as the cold air rushed around him. A low ornate table presented an exquisite feast, and the numbers of life conversed, and joyously served and ministered to their Creator.
And the Angels marveled Yahshua never employed divine power against Lucifer but entrusted himself to wisdom. The Angels washed the body of their creator, rubbing it with fragrant spices, oils, and perfumes: dressing him in hi robe of light, placing his glittering crown upon his head. They guarded him from all that would rise against him, as he slept like dead for thirteen hours, covered by a blanket of shimmering light.
The predators finally attacked the tent complex after massing around it for hours; the Angels slaughtered them. For seven days, Jesus’ humanity recouped from the long fast and suffering, regaining its strength naturally, to begin what he was anointed into the flesh to accomplish – to destroy the three keys of death with absolute permanence.
Michael transported the tent complex through a dimensional membrane. He removed Jesus’ crown, his robe of light, and loving kneeled in front of his profusely sweating Creator. Three other Angels with exquisitely folded robes, back grounded by the rocky topography came forward in great ceremony, and dressed their Creator in the rough fabrics of the day.
And high on the mount, Jesus blessed the numbers of life, and walked down the mount into the desert wilderness towards the Jordon River, on the east side of Bethany, to see John the Baptist.
Eighteen Angels winked into the atmosphere powering their crafts towards the Great House of The One. The Continuum was thick with activity about the words between Yahshua and Lucifer.
Jesus was truly wonderful, truly counselor, truly a Mighty God, truly the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. It was an unfathomable honor to serve him; the flesh casing did not matter. But as the crafts traveled in formation, three hundred light eons per second through the starless membranes, Michael and all the Angels shouted with joy - there was nothing more satisfying than loving The One.
Many days later, Jesus walked out of the wilderness sweating heavily. John noticed him in the distance, abruptly stopped teaching, and bolted towards him as fast his he could run. He stopped in front of him breathless, falling to his face.
By the time the crowds moved closer, Jesus and John were deep into conversation. Within a few moments he was gone, and his disciples swarmed around him waiting expectantly. But he pushed through them and returned to finish his message to the multitudes, and Andrew and Phillip remembering the same man said, “Who was that man again?”
John answered, “Behold the Light of the World who comes to shine grace and truth upon all peoples.” John paused with tears budding in his eyes, “He must increase while I must decrease; it is him you must follow now – not me.” And he turned his back to them shouting in a loud voice, repentance and the coming of the Messiah to the multitudes.
Suddenly, Herod’s heavily armed soldiers violently plunged their horses into the river to arrest the danger attacking the king. They violently dragged him out of the midst of the disintegrating crowd, beating him viciously with their fists, while a quarter garrison of soldier stood menacingly in the pool of bright redness around him.
And at that exact moment, The One called Jesus paused to brush a lingering tear from his eye, before continuing slowly towards his destination, as Andrew and Philip ran from the mayhem towards the direction they saw The One John had prostrated himself, had gone.

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