Turning A Blind Eye For The Caine

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The night I got introduced to Trevor a.k.a Cocaine Tony.

Work in dodgy places, and chances are you'll meet dodgy people

At this point, I’d been roughly six months into my job as a security guard and was no longer the green grassed rookie that everyone took advantage of. I was street wise, firm but fair, and reliable to deal with situations and everyone respected that (even if they didn’t like it).

But every so often, there comes a situation where your experience doesn’t prepare you for the weird shit that people do.

For a couple of weeks prior, people were noticeably more excited than usual. Everyone was unusually upbeat, happy and incidents were at an unusual low. It was just one of those times when everything that could go right was going right which made my job easy far more easier.

Eventually, I caught word that one of the regulars was getting out from serving a stint. As the day drew closer, I kept hearing about this guy, and it seemed that everyone had a colorful story about him:

“Remember that time when he…”
“He’s such a character…”
“Oh you are gonna love him…”

The day came and everyone was straight buzzing with the anticipation through the roof. Every time the door opened, people looked to see if it was the guy and they immediately looked away if it wasn’t the returning hero. Eventually, it got late and most people had left to the point where it was just the wild crowd remaining.

Sometime later, I went to do my rounds and hang out with the ladies on duty. While I was in the back with the other staff, the main hall erupted in noise and on investigation, found people cheering and applauding around a group of people, in particular; one guy.

The hometown hero was back.

I let the folks get their time to catch up with the guy and when they were done, I went up to introduce myself as the new guard of the place and to gauge his temperature (how his personality is).

"Hi man, my name is Ben, I see the folks here love you so I trust you are a cool dude"
“Nice to meet you man, my name is CT”
“CT? What's it stand for?”
“Cocaine Tony”

The fuck kind of name is that?!?

However, besides the controversy of his name (his actual name was Trevor); he was quite a chilled guy (all things considered). To sum him up, he was one of those guys that despite being in prison; he still has a positive outlook on things. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy with not a worry in the world and admittedly, it was a nice change of mood from all the negativity that a person ran into while working in such an environment.

After our little introduction, most of the folks surrounded Trevor and he began reacquainting himself with everyone. Jokes were told, banter was traded and everyone was ultimately having a good time. In the midst of it all, he was speaking of how he missed being outside and was going to make the most of this opportunity.

Then he did something that made me realize just why the folks called him CT.

This motherfucker, during his speech about change and making the most of his release goes on to pull out the biggest bag of cocaine I’d ever seen at that point, opens it up, and started making lines.


The balls on this guy to do such a thing just floored me. There were people who were dying of laughter from my facial expression while others acted as if it was nothing. I was ready to kick Trevor out but EVERYBODY came to his defence. I’m talking about people who usually didn’t even interact with the wild crowd so that shocked me even more. I tried to explain to Trevor that what he was doing wasn't allowed but People Power intervened and argued that nobody had a problem with what he was doing, and that I’d be ruining his coming out party. Clearly seeing that I couldn't win against this majority, I sullenly walked away from the celebrations to a corner chair with the intent of seeing how things would play out.

It shocked me.

Why in God’s name was everyone defending Trevor?

It turns out that I didn’t need to wait long to find out.

All in all, While catching up with the folks, Trevor made around fifteen lines. He then killed one and as soon as he was done, he then moved out the way… for the other folks to do the remaining lines. One by one, everyone took their line and moved out of the chair for the next person to come in and take their hit. When I say that everyone took part in the Cocaine Sweepstakes, I mean EVERYBODY took part.

It was one of those moment where you had to see it to believe it.

When the entertainment was done, the people just went back to gambling, while Trevor kept on going on about how he was so happy to be free, that he was gonna go out and buy a bottle of champagne, rent a limo and party the night away.

You could tell that the guy was extremely happy to be out of prison and the scene would have been heartwarming...if he didn’t just pull out a fucken handbag filled with cocaine and did lines with damn near everybody that evening.


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