"Tussle between heart and mind-will you let your mind command you,or surrender yourself to the heart..???"

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when you need to choose between what your heart desires and what your mind feels is right...which one should arise as the winner...???
This question arises in everyone's life,so,its better to find its answer before its too late..

Tussle between heart and mind-guess the winner...

There is often a collision between what the heart craves for and what the mind advocates.Mostly,whatever allures the heart is discredited by the mind.
The heart is spontaneous and gets tempted and the mind is thoughtful and in control,much like the dissimilarity between a tiny tot and a mature man.There's nothing sinful in being inclined and attracted towards something,almost every individual encounters numerous kinds of temptations in their life span,but the moral of the story is not everyone gives in.
What decides whether one should listen to the heart or the mind?Who should arise as the winner as the outcome of the conflict?Well,it has several deciding factors.Apart from the degree of captivation,character and willpower play a significant role in determining how one deals with this conflict,as does one's gratification with the surrounding environment.
One should feel lucky when the mind and the heart are in unison but its a rare case because life is not so simple.In case of a conflict whom should one follow the head or the heart.This question has no unambiguous answer.
Different people have different opinions in regards to the question raised when one's mind and heart are opposing in each other.Rationalists feel one should follow the mind without caring for the consequences of the choice.They support this by saying that at the end one will be satisfied that he did the "right thing".But this "right thing" is decided by whom and how?
A radical will advise you to follow the heart blindly but even here there are chances of getting hurt at the end.
But a practical person says whenever there is a fight between the mind and the heart and you are in fix what to do now-govern yourself by using your mind and handle others with your heart.


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