Twenty Twelve MMXII That Was the Year, That Was.

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So that was that! It was a leap year full of hopes and expectations; sadness’s and joys this is an assemblage of news items you might have missed and some we all wish just never happened at all, I wish we could all work to make 2013 a better year but nevertheless I wish all our readers a most prosperous and happy new year.


The cruise ship Costa Concordia sinks and later in the month..., an Indonesian man is charged with blasphemy after saying that “God does not exist" on his Facebook page... and on the bright side United Nations Headquarters in New York City receive two sacks of cocaine after they are accidentally delivered to them... “and a good time was held by all” another strange event, eight sea lions are found shot dead in the U.S. state of Washington.
In Afghanistan a woman is killed by her husband and mother-in-law after giving birth to her third daughter...and the reason was.. "because they both wanted a son"!


Our own Queen Elizabeth had in February her Diamond Jubilee... and the phrase “The Arab Spring” would become synonymous with change in the Middle East....
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was succeeded by Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi.

This was followed by leaders from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen all being ousted and up to date there are on-going civil uprisings in Bahrain and Syria with major protests breaking out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and Western Sahara. So far all is well in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman But for how long? I think “Watch this space”


250 people die in a series of massive explosions in Brazzaville... and The Encyclopædia Britannica after 244 years decides to discontinue its print edition, now we jump forward to…


7 people die and three others are injured in a mass shooting at Oikos University at Oakland....and a London bus advert which suggested that “gay people could be cured” was banned by Transport chiefs....Now that was a queer bit of news.

Beef imports are banned from the United States to Indonesia after a dairy cow was discovered to have had mad cow disease
I can just see the headlines now

    *"Mad cow is discovered in California"

Now that's no way to speak about my wife


The tallest tower in the world “The Tokyo Skytree” opens to the public... and a version of Edvard Munch’s “The Dream” sells for $120 million not bad considering its was just a version of the original


Lonesome George a Pinta Island Tortoise subspecies dies of old age (He was thought to be around 100 years old) in the Galapagos National Park, but now Scientists say they have found 17 other tortoises that appear to be closely related to this genus so maybe George was not the last, fingers crossed.


The 2012 Summer Olympics were held in London... and boffins at CERN announce the discoverer of a new particle in experiments at the Large Hadron Collider....

And remember the next time you have a go at your local electricity supplier just think about the 620 million people in India who were left without power in this month. Now that’s what I call a power cut.


Curiosity the Mars Science Laboratory rover lands successfully on the Red planet this month, all the little green man are playing hide and go seek with it


After jumping out of a platform from helium-filled balloon 24 miles up, Felix Baumgartner becomes the first person to break the sound barrier without the use of any aided machine and Hurricane Sandy kills at least 209 people


Typhoon Bopha, known as "Pablo" in the Philippines kills at least 1,067 with around 838 people still missing... and Barack Obama gets another four years, don’t moan, you voted him in


With great relief the world didn’t end, as was predicted by some, according to the Maya calendar... but in 2012 we had to say goodbye to numerous notable people including

Whitney Houston, Joe South (The games people play) Ernest Borgnine, Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuelle) Andy Williams, Vidal Sassoon, Davy Jones (The Monkeys) Scott McKenzie, Dave Brubeck, Marvin Hamlisch, Hal David, Phyllis Diller, Herbert Lom, Larry Hagman, Robin Gibb, Etta James
Ravi Sgankar, Donna Summer, Neil Armstrong, Sir Patrick Moore, Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds creator and not forgetting the 27 people killed, including many children, in the US state of Connecticut.

And so onto 2013

And that was 2012 some highs and some lows dotted here and there with a splattering with the bizarre, I wonder what 2013 will bring us? Whatever it is I hope I will be here to bring it to you in my own way.
Happy new year to you all.
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author avatar Judy Ellen
28th Dec 2012 (#)

This is awesome! You did such a great job and it is something that we can look back on in the future!!

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author avatar Judy Ellen
28th Dec 2012 (#)

Forgot to wish you a Happy New Year! So...Have a Happy, joyous and prosperous New Year!!!

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author avatar Val Mills
29th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice work Johnny, interesting selection of snippets from the year. Sad isn't it that most events considered newsworthy are doom and gloom. Happy New Year :-)

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author avatar johnnydod
29th Dec 2012 (#)

Thanks Judy and Val, its true there does seem an awful lot of doom and gloom, but a lot of good things happened as well, they just didn't make the news.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Dec 2012 (#)

this is great Johnny...but sorry to hear that Vidal Sassoon went..he was a good friend of mine from the 60's in London and in NYC...

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author avatar Retired
29th Dec 2012 (#)

Thanks for the insight, success for your article

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
29th Dec 2012 (#)

You certainly picked some interesting topics for each month Johnny. Hope 2013 will be a good one .

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author avatar DuitByJames
29th Dec 2012 (#)

I truly appreciate your humor johnnydod, it will certainly be a good friend to have for 2013. Have a good year.

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author avatar johnnydod
29th Dec 2012 (#)

Ta Jimmy

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Dec 2012 (#)

Was 2012 more scary? Thank you dear brother Johnny for your affectionate appreciation and guidance. Wish you a prosperous and happy New Year.

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author avatar johnnydod
30th Dec 2012 (#)

Namaste Vpaulose
And fortune to you and yours in the new year my friend

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Dec 2012 (#)

The world has to go on, end of Mayan calendar or not; hopefully we all will be there to read your news snippet of 2013 as well. Thanks Johnnydod - siva

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author avatar Robb714
31st Dec 2012 (#)

Showing the love, Happy New Year!

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author avatar Buzz
31st Dec 2012 (#)

Great year-end article, Johnny. Happy New Year to all!

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author avatar LOVERME
5th Jan 2013 (#)

YOU ARE amazing
worthy of Wiki
and Happy New Year to you and more success too
you are not ONLY a star pager
but a real STAR...

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author avatar Kingwell
4th Mar 2013 (#)

Good share - and the world goes on.

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author avatar Songbird B
6th Mar 2013 (#)

Great topical low down on 2012 Johnny..Here's hoping in 2013 we see more laughter and less tears..\0/x

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