Twists and turns of life (Part a)

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Molly's story is full of twists and turns. It will leave you with the desire to read more about her because its captivating and very suspenseful.

Twists and turns of life (Part a)

When Molly moved from Africa to the United States, her life took an unexpected turn. Everything about her changed, ranging from her way of thinking, her way of doing things and her lifestyle in general. While in Africa, Molly had not had a chance to advance her education, the highest level she attained was a high school diploma. She could not afford tuition fee to pay for her college education. Her parents had divorced when she was approaching her teenage years, a very convoluted situation which forced her and her others eight siblings to live with their mother. Their living condition was very desperate and was even more exacerbated by the fact that her father was the only working parent. This meant that his departure for another life and a new wife left them without any way to support them economically. Her mother was only a peasant farmer and whatever she produced was merely enough to fully support her family.
Molly’s mother, now a single parent tried hard to provide for her children in all ways possible. She would perform odd jobs which involved cleaning in offices, tilling people’s farms and even cooking in schools to make ends meet. After graduating from high school, Molly obtained a clerical job in a nearby elementary school. Although she well knew that this was not the best job for her, somehow she gathered courage to do it anyway. With the little money that she was making, she would help her mother settle bills and buy food for the family.
Seeing her friends join college and graduate was very painful for Molly. She had been a very brilliant and gifted student. In fact, she was among the student who had gotten admission to the best college in the country. But as fate would have it, Molly would not get a chance to step her feet in either of them. Luckily for her, she was not the type to give up. She lived at the moment and embraced each day as it came. She was the source of inspiration to her family even to her older siblings who seemed to have given up. She was very optimistic and understood that everything happens for a reason. It was only a matter of time before good things happen to her and the entire family.
One day in the afternoon, while sitting in her little office contemplating, she heard a strange knock on the door. She stood and dragged herself to open the door, outside was the mail man. He handed her an A4 size envelope and left. She was puzzled and could not figure out who had sent her the parcel. “Where on earth did this come from?” she wondered. For a moment she thought she was being fired from her job. But if that was the case, why would the school send her resignation letter through the post office? How cost effective was that, after all, the school was cutting down on expenses, she therefore ruled out that possibility. Without wasting any more time, she composed herself and opened the parcel.
Inside the envelope was a letter from the United States embassy informing her that she had been among the few who had won the green card lottery. She was in shock because as far as she could recall, she had never in her life applied for the lottery. She cross-checked the names to see whether there was a mistake, but every detail of her were there. She was very confused and didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Later that evening she narrated to her family what happened to her. Her siblings were very surprised but not her mother who was overjoyed because she knew her prayers had been answered. For years she prayed without seizing to God asking that he open doors for her children. And now that this opportunity had finally availed itself, all she wanted to do was to give praise to the almighty. For three consecutive years she had applied for the green card for her four older children without success, but she would not give up. Funny enough, she would do this secretly without telling them, she wanted it to be a surprise for them. What a sacrifice? When she told her children what she had been doing behind their backs, they were so proud of her, they could not ask for a better mother.
Two months later, Molly left for the United States. Relocating was the beginning of a new life; she would go to college, get a good job and support her family back home. During her first year in the United States, Molly did nothing else but work. She would work for eighteen hours consecutively because she wanted to save some money for her college tuition. Back at home, her family’s lifestyle had also started improving. Her mother stopped doing the odd jobs and was able to start up her own business with the money Molly was sending her.
Life away from her family was very lonely, she would miss the good times they shared together, the laughter and the little silly things that didn’t matter then. She would call her family almost every day. However, the loneliness disappeared after she went back to school. She would take classes during the day and work few hours at night. She became very busy that she could not get time to go back and visit her family. The good thing is that she still performed very well academically even with the busy schedule. In the workplace, her supervisor had observed how hardworking she was and promoted her to a higher position which did not demand much of her time. Things were moving on the right direction and there was no turning back. Upon her promotion, she decided to call home and break the good news to her mother only to find out that she had been admitted in the hospital the same morning. Unfortunately, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and since the disease had spread throughout her body, the doctors told her that she only had three months to live.
To be continued on part b.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Aug 2013 (#)

Tale of up and down but that is the reality of life. We should never give up but when we are down in the dumps things are hard to get used to. Hope Molly is able to make the vital difference to her family - siva

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