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This article capsulizes some of a new Tweeters early impressions of a very large social machine for advertising and networking.

Introduction to Twitter

I just recently began getting involved in Twitter after years of allowing my account to lay dormant.

I really am not huge on status updates on any social network, but now that I’ve stepped into online writing I’ve renewed my interest in Twitter and I’ve begun being more active on Facebook and order to promote my articles.

Twitter is big, big business for heavy hitters and I've been slammed with invites from all sorts of Twitter people. I find it intriguing, I imagine, because I find people intriguing.
Yesterday I got my first Twitter proposition; it wasn’t very nice, and I unfollowed that
person. I wasn't going to tell, but, they asked, “you wanna F**ck?” UNFOLLOW

Exercise Your Right To Unfollow

Yes! There is power in the UNFOLLOW option. It’s a threat that people’s egos and businesses do not want to hear. Twitter’s ideology is a race to get the greatest amount of followers. The trick is who will follow you in return? Heavy hitters get the glut of the market and that is where the big money is.

Beware of Bottom Feeders

There are bottom feeders on Twitter and quite a few have approached me. Picture the drug dealer out behind the local bar, “Pssst… hey, kid, come over here, I got Twitter followers for you, cheap!”

You surf over to their broken down web site and read all the bad mouthing about how the followers that the Tweeter sold to them fell of the next day. REFUND s all over the board. I sincerely doubt they will see that day.

Services For Sale or Rent

Many coaches are available to sell you their wares, link you to classes, or teach you the ropes. Who doesn’t like a good mentor?

Big business may want to purchase the services of Manage Flitter this service can root out the bad apples on your Twitter feed and offers to tweet those findings then and there, “I've discovered 182 people who are not following me back” and there are multiple tweets of this nature that you can throw out to your list.

This service reminds me of the Facebook members who say, “I’m trimming my list tonight.” Or, “If you’re reading this, you’ve survived the list purge.”
Shall we send status gifts, or Facebook favors?

Knuts and Bolts about Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter has three rates, Business $49, Pro $12 and Freebie (that’s on my budget). Tools offered are account clean up, grow your account tweeting and engagement and additional business features. One cool item is the ability to preplan a tweet at the peak time of the day to hit the most followers. This is awesome to build traffic to your site or blog. These tweets are coined Power Posts, which remind me of “power ups” like the mushrooms on Super Mario games from Nintendo.


These are just a few of my Twitter-notes and I hope to build my circles on Twitter as snuggly as I’ve been trying to build them on Bubblews and Facebook in the past. If I don’t like someone here will be no gongs or bells, no status to reveal my plot. I will just quietly, sweetly unfollow.

Article first published on Bubblews July 30. 2013:


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author avatar jenny1015
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Hi, JanelleG! Welcome to Wikinut! I also have left my Twitter account dormant for quite a while but ever since I started writing, I have made use of its "powers" to spread my work. Well, hope to see you around more, on Twitter, Facebook and another writing site.

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author avatar JanelleG
7th Aug 2013 (#)

thank you Jenny, I guess I am a late bloomer. :) I appreciate the welcome~

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for the share, Janelle. We all need the most precious of commodities - time. We need also to reevaluate our priorities every now and then - siva

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author avatar JanelleG
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Siva, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for coming by to read my article.

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Yay you did it !!

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author avatar JanelleG
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Happy Dance, William. Thank you for recommending the site.

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author avatar Kevin1877uk
10th Aug 2013 (#)

I love Twitter so much better than FB than again everyone is different, right.

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