Twitter hijack victim dies

Marzeus von Hemelen By Marzeus von Hemelen, 20th Oct 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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There was a time when I thought Twitter and Facebook would provide me with good free advertising capabilities. Build a fanbase for your product and service on there, and the world is your oyster, right?

Twitter hijack victim dies

Maybe for some it works that way. But Facebook and Twitter never worked for my line of business. Or for me in my personal capacity. Some people spend hours and hours on Facebook and Twitter, and I haven't a problem with that - it's your one go at life, so if you want to spend it looking for attention online, go nuts.

Soon I found that I had abandoned my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and months if not a year or two have passed since I posted on it. When I remembered about it again, I deleted my Facebook account. They say you have to wait two weeks without posting, just in case you change your mind, and then your account will be gone.

So I waited for about 3 or 5 weeks, and today remembered to check. Yup, it's gone.

My twitter account I was too afraid that perhaps if I delete the account, somebody else may start using the same name as mine, and I can never get that catchy name again then. So I just decided to abandon it.

Right after checking my Facebook account, I decided to sign in to my twitter account. I don't know why because I know I didn't post anything. But whatever, I guess it's intuition.

Intuition is right - WHAT IN BLAZES IS THIS I FIND??????

Oh good gravytrain on a stick. Somebody has been posting spam using my Twitter account. No idea how they got my password. I guess some kind of malware must have stolen my password and sent it on to whoever is the big piece of hijacking sh*t.

I look at my tweets. A whole list of spamlinks and spam messages, leading to hell knows which sites. Probably sites with more viruses and malware that will steal more passwords from the poor innocent victims who thought they were following something I shared with them.

I delete all the garbage and change my password, but I'm afraid all my followers might have thought I'm some kind of superjerk.

We really need to instate the death penalty for identity thieves online. Please write your congressman, "Hey fatass, be good for something for once and instate the death penalty for identity thieves."

Seems I have no luck creating something online. There was a time I actually liked creating websites; sites with helpful articles, stories, videos and free clip art and product review blogs of products I purchased.

However, in the last six months alone I shut down all of them aside from one, which probably will get its turn soon. This is because some major assholes hijacked them so they keep redirecting to other suspicious irrelevant spamsites. One of the sites was a forum, but of course if you try opening a forum now, you'll find that overnight it is swarmed by spambots and horrid assholes posting porn spam links the whole forum full.

And of course now my Twitter account has been hijacked, so that thing is becoming just another burden. Might as well close it now.

Bottom line is I sometimes feel the internet has become absolutely no fun anymore. Whatever you put on, gets ruined and soiled by someone who finds joy in ruining people's happiness.

I shall post only on a few sites now, which are owned by someone else instead of my own domain name. Let them fix the problem if they are hijacked by evildoers.

And if people hijack my account on those sites, well I could always just say "farewell internet" and not care any longer, and just cancel my internet service altogether. It seems if humans were supposed to be connected all the time, they would have been created with voices so loud that they can be heard as far as the other side of the earth.

The world is just too evil to have something so wonderful. It can only create pain and suffering with such an instrument such as the internet. That's the problem with mankind. They harm each other with whatever is put in their hands.

Ok maybe I'm just tired now and got my head in a dark cloud. I'm gonna go sleep. Goodnight you, reader of my blog! So glad the internet connected us.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the topic was "Twitter hijack victim dies", when I'm still alive, well it's simple: A little bit of me, that is my optimism for life and the internet, died because of this.

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20th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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