Two Friends

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A short story of two friends and what twist this small plot awaits the reader.

Part 1

Rushing to the ICU, Sahil was drizzling blood down the face from his mutilated forehead that had a ghastly appearance over his face and even the ears oozed droplets of blood. Barely conscious he was with his limbs that were intensively injured, carried away in the stretcher I ran alongside him holding his hands that felt oddly cold. I kept shouting, “Sahil, stay with me….Look at me!!” hoping he could hear and I know there’s still a large amount of life left in him to keep me from breaking. He gave a willful stare with what’s left of his consciousness to let me know he’s still there for me and tried to lift his left arm gesturing, ”I’ll be fine.” My mind was in replete of absolute shock and I was terribly scared. I could feel the chillness in my nerves, sweating in anxiety and couldn’t stop the tears from my eyes rolling down the cheeks like a flood. Nothing but the thought of him recovering from this devastating accident and walking again beside me holding my hands, seemed the most important thing in the world for me right now. I’ve never known to have cried like this nor panicked like this in my entire life, he is my everything. The nurses stopped me outside the ICU and I was asked to wait there, in the meantime I called his parents who hurried to the hospital. Sahil’s mom was one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met and I couldn’t stand the look of it when she blasted into mournful tears while Sahil’s dad tried his best to console her. I moved away from them, stood by a window and kept crying and crying like a mad girl who’s about to lose the most important thing that changed her life to the best.

If it wasn’t for him, it would have been me lying in the ICU right now with all the dreadful wounds and the blood. I can’t thank god but I owe him my life and he’s all I care about. Earlier that day, me and Sahil were returning back from the store and were about to cross a heavy traffic congested road. All of a sudden, I left Sahil’s hand and just bolted through the road calling out to him, “Come, come let’s go!!”, when a small window appeared that wasn’t even large enough to pass. It was a hasty rush and was being unaware of the approaching bus in the other direction. It was in a fraction of a second I noticed the sound of the horn blowing from the bus just right then Sahil pulled me towards him while the bus passed by me at a closer feet and we were still in the middle of the road at a less distance from the separator. Unfortunately none of us noticed the car that was on high speed gearing towards us until the sound of the tires screeching the road got everyone's attention and I know it was too late before I could think of anything. Instantly Sahil pushed me aside to the sidewalk exposing himself to the car and even when the brakes were applied, the time for it had long gone to slow down that it hit him at a speed and he was tossed over its hood smashing the front glass. The car crashed on the separator and stopped while he rolled down from the hood and fell right in front of its bumper. I shouted, “Sahil!!!” and ran to him, lifted his head placing him on my lap. There was a heavy gash on his head with blood spilling and covering his face and with a deep abrasion in his arm tore from the smashed glass he encountered, he lay unconscious. Everything happened so rapidly, before I could realize or do anything I was stunned and utterly went blank for a moment, not knowing what to do. I couldn’t feel the surrounding but only the dark red blood on my hands and his body on my lap, I hugged him and shouted to him. People came running to us and helped me put him in a taxi to an hospital.

It was all my disastrous blunder, if only I had been watchful enough none of these would have happened. I couldn’t even think of losing him. He was my best friend, the best I ever had. The proximity between us was unexplainable and I loved him so very much. At that moment all my thoughts were filled with him as I stood there crying and praying to all the Gods I could think of as memories of us flashed upon my mind, right from the time we met..

Part 2

I never could forget the day we first met and was unacquainted that something more beautiful was about to happen in my life. It was about midday while I was in college walking through the lonesome basketball court with my friends to the class when a gang of guys about ten steps behind us, were teasing all the way. We felt literally scared even though we knew they aren’t going to do anything worse than that. We started walking fast but they didn’t seem to go out of pace and kept following us. It was likely that they enjoyed us being petrified and also the weird noises they made to again our attention along with the names they used to point to each one of us. Suddenly out of nowhere a guy came straight towards us walking swiftly and went passed by me to those lame people like he was going to hit them and start a fight. But rather he muttered something to them while we walked away looking back and I was wondering what he could have told them. All of a sudden those guys stopped staring at us, the gang got disassembled and left the place. He turned at us, gave a glance and walked away in the same swift manner. The next day, I happen to meet him at the canteen with his friends, picking up my courage I approached him with little fear. As I came close, he lifted his head and looked at me. I said, “Hi…ummm….thanks a lot for yesterday, we were really terrified.” “Hey it’s alright, they’re just a group of stupid junior guys, going around doing that all the time. You don’t worry about them, they only bark” he said. “I’m Kriya by the way” I told him my name. He replied, “Oh, I’m Sahil, Sahil Andrews….it a pleasure Kriya”. I said, “Nope, the pleasure’s mine.” We had a small conversation and after that I went back to class. Sooner we started talking and meeting often and became good friends, spent a lot of time together gossiping, sharing our stories, our views but one thing that was fascinating about him, he never judged me and I entrusted him with whatever I told.

There came a time where he became my best friend and I’ve felt never so close nor loved anyone like I felt with him. Seemed like everything happened for a reason, he nourished my life with love, fun and plenty of care. I helped him with his tiring assignments and he returned the favor by assisting me in my boring studies. One night when we were on the phone I got so emotional that I wanted to tell him how much he has changed my life. I said, “Perhaps you were the friend I was waiting my whole life and unlike other girls I’m not gonna need a boy friend. You make my day, you keep my spirits high, you make me laugh when im about to cry, you admire me like none, you hold my hands so tightly and never let them go when crossing the road, the only tears that comes from my eyes are because of the way you care for me that made me feel so special. Im glad those guys followed me that day and my life seems full with just you and certainly there’s no place left in my heart for anyone else. Well, not considering my future husband though” I giggled. Now im damn sure that he’s going to make me feel extra special now and hence he began, “Hey Kriya, just don’t think your too fortunate. There’s someone else who is more fortunate than you, considering me by the way. You got the best friend of your life and I got the angel of my life. The most compassionate and humanitarian person I’ve ever met and the most gorgeous girl my eyes have ever seen. Without a doubt, you’re the most kindest and generous girl there exists and I’m just so obsessed with you all the time and things are so different right now from back then.”

We went on like that for a long time as we could never have enough of each other even if we had all day. Those were some pretty moments I longed to remember and yes, were they so fresh in my mind like everything happened yesterday. Just then, the doctor came out of the ICU ward removing his gloves with the most usual look on his face that you couldn’t possibly make out whether it’s a good news or a bad news. I slowly turned towards him and moved a little closer while he looked at the three of us. I could feel my heart beating faster and now my nervousness has reached a level that I started to sweat more and felt like I’m heating up. My lips spelled prayers and names of Gods to whom I haven’t even prayed before. Sahil’s mom stopped crying and his dad lifted her from the chair and she looked at the doctor for something that could make her feel better and make me feel live again. The door was still closed and I couldn’t try peeping through as the doctor was blocking my view. He looked at Sahil’s dad and said, “There was a lot of blood loss and your son had a less ability of controlling the blood clot. The wound was deep and there was a heavy impact on the skull causing an intracranial injury also known as traumatic head injury. His head had hit on the road at a greater force as well as severed a serious crash on the glass before. There was blood clot in his brain and we thought it may lead him into coma. Even that could have been good for this situation but it turned out to be the other way." I moved away in fear not wanting to know anymore of what the doctor was saying and i finally heard him say,
"Im sorry sir, we couldn’t save him.”

Part 3

“Hello dad, yeah I’m at the hospital. I did inform mom and yeah I will buy your pills on the way home. It might get a little late today so don’t hold up for me”. The doctor came inside his cabin and seated himself in his comfy chair and looked at me with a smile. He said, “I hope you understand that it’s a crucial time and things are getting a bit daunting. But I can assure you, everything will be fine soon and there’s no need to worry or fear cause it won’t get back to the state it is right now and we’re making extra positive of that.” I said, “I understand doctor and I know it’s been two years now and that’s what makes me feel anxious. Why does it take so much time?” The doctor looked at me with a convincing face and said, “Well, the mind is the most fascinating thing God has ever created. It’s the only thing that can travel into past as well vision about the future at the same time, faster than light indeed. What we’re dealing here is, the mind has developed a fictional realm of its own and resolved itself to live in that. Making it understand what’s factual and what’s virtual isn’t that easy. It’s like a split personality, one does not realize its happening but I promise you, it can be made understood and we don’t make promises unless we believe. After all nothing’s ever impossible but just little challenging.”

I guess I hopefully understood what he was trying to say and he continued, “You don’t need to worry about a thing. With the treatment we’re providing here and with proper medication everything will be back to normal. Plus the good news is, we’re getting a positive response at each level of the treatment. In sometime, you won’t be needing to come to the hospital ever.” It felt soothing and I said “Thank God, that’s all I want right now. I hope things get back to normal soon. It’s just, life feels so empty and deserted when the person you spent most of the time with, almost every single day, is not around. Its even worse to know that the person exist but you’re never in their reality.” I feel very worse and there’s not a moment I stopped thinking nor praying and I hope the Gods will answer my prayers soon. Every single day every single minute is like living in a world where im surrounded by plenty of people yet the feeling of being alone resides in me. Nothing could be worse than this and Im sure things will be back to normal after having a little talk with the doctor who gave such convincing assurance and promises that my faith never ceases to continue believing.

I stood up from the chair and said, “Can I go and take a look now doctor?” He said, “Yes of course, isn’t that why you’re here. You never missed this day of the week in the past two years. Come I’ll accompany you to the room.” We both walked through the corridor of the hospital and this didn’t seem new to me. We were at the room and I opened the door myself. The doctor said, “She still believes you died in that accident and that’s the only thing lingering in her mind all the time.” I looked at her and said to myself, “Why god, what did she ever do to you!.” I couldn’t see my best friend like this and every time I look at her, tears starts rolling from the eyes and I could feel my heart being pressed hard. I didn’t even wish to get married till she got back the way she was, fun, jovial and hyperactive all the time. I called out to her, “Kriya..??”


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