Two sea dogged Captains, two majestic ships, one suspected Lady and an encamped harbor gate.

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As the war torn Captain of the "Lover of Lost Souls" his Majesty's Redeemer pulls into to the Harbor's Gate, early before the Morning's light, he spies his Lady fair next to his beloved friend waiting for him there. He then forgets about the false Standard still flying high. Until suddenly cannons and iron balls begin to fly...

The Rant of the "Redeemer's" Captain

Oh misery, oh sadness, the faltering and the madness
Where did you come from? For what atonement are you here?
Why do you persevere; in my safe harbor; here?

I spied my Lady Fair upon this ships deck, through my glass eye, as icy fingers crawled up and down my spine. This is where and when I began to loss my mind.

The “Intruder” She and the Captain of, stand ready and foreboding; in the Harbor's Gate

Because of his longings for this Fair Lady standing there, confusions grabbed ahold of his mind and he forgot the Standard still flying high.

I turned my old girl around and set her to running; this was my mistake. I must have cut her too deeply and to the quick for she is leaning too hard upon this her Captain

Aye! The reef sliced threw her as with razor-edged swords how and why I wonder

Why is she standing at his side?

My friend did he mean too or was it just a blunder why, oh why is she standing at his side?

The Bells were set to ringing, the soundings of the fear, shouts, and distant cheers the Redeemer's men begin to tear.

Why is he adding to my stew? Did he not know? Indeed he knew!
Nevertheless her offenders defenses are up and at one hundred percent!

There is no time for us to duel! The walls guns now too are blasting, the Main Mast is ripped into, flooded by the waves steel shot which fell as the rain

As she turns to give me aide, the silence that fell was deafening; they have just realize now, the fatal and damning mistake that we all have made. I wonder, why it was, he had misbehaved. Battle Stations at a constant readiness; the crying and the shouting.

She the Intruder wont stop her advancing. Now until I am dead or in her sights

Though she did this to me, by my retreating

The damage has already been done, never shall he or I, be redeemed never!

We were returning Home from endless battlings and yet, the wars were never won.

I was dazed and confused by life long battles; I was worn down
Nearly and quite possible mad; from all of my running

He mistakenly took me a friend, for a foe and I then delivered the fatal blow.

By turning His Majesty's Ship the “Redeemer” away, instead of standing
My one and only my final Mistake! Not one that will take an immediate effect
But, one that will linger for a said amount of time.

The Main Mast was splintered and it had fallen. The bow was broken into and the waters begun their advancing.

Unfortunately not enough time for either the “Redeemer or the “Intruder”
or the falterings of the lovers of which, Me lady has not made up her mind

This friend in the harbor, who has carelessly smitten his beloved friend

He had turn foe by flying a captured flag of mine: said the Captain of the Intruder, She was my Honor and not his to fly, here in our safe Harbor and now Her Innocents is no more, His Majesty standards will never be welcome here or to fly.

Just where and when will it all end?

A just end to a deceived and shell shocked mind or was he too blind?

This Captain on a dieing ship will soon be set a drift, and In hostile waters, in want of a new first mate, and a better fate.

With out even a slip, I have torn sails and very few rations left
She is listing hard and to one side and soon She'll take on water too

But, even these rats won't hasten to abandon ship No! Not, just yet! Not in these icy cold waters. For they know the history of this their Captain

The frigid waters have kill many a man before they could come near to the shallow shore.

Where is our redeemer now? When He is called upon, He sure does take His sweet time! O’ my Lord why!

Blast it all ! No more ports of call; when this nest it takes on these waters
In this damn cold calmed and icy sea; this Ship she will shoot to the bottom
As do ballast rocks

These here rats indeed!

They will use my Lady's corpse for rafts and make for dry land
I see now the mocking monsters are dismantling her… bu lup… bu lup..

The “Redeemer” she slips asunder

The Captain has gone down with his be-love- ed Ship

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Captains, Lady, Sea Dogged, Standard, Tall Ships, The Intruder, The Lover Of Lost Souls, The Redeemer

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author avatar c4collins
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Your style is unique, your clever choice of words are enthralling... Sinbad the SailorMan, I especially love when you talk about the sea...

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
10th Mar 2011 (#)

c4collins are you stalking Me? If so keep up the good works. This is never finish this is one of those writes you see pictured in your mind, but can seem to get into focus I try, but I don't think it comes off as I intend it too because this write has so many double and triple meanings I can't truly tell if I have captured them for the reader. Thank you c4collins I so enjoy seeing your smiling face upon my works comment section. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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