Types of Jinns and their existence

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Rub a magic lamp, a genie will come out and grant you wishes ( Wish if it could have happen )...

Between humans and the shadows..

The jinn are a world of their own, different from that of the humans or the Angels. Their existence is not as fascinating as it was shown in the cartoon series of Aladdin and Genie. They possess some characteristics in common with human beings, such as the ability to think and reflect. Likewise, they have the ability to choose between good and evil. However, they substantially differ from humans in one very important characteristic or rather property: their origin. Some 1.9 billion people around the world unequivocally believe in Jinn, reportedly supernatural creatures formed much earlier than Adam and Eve.

Islamic belief divides sentient beings into three categories. In order of creation, they are: the angels (malayka), the hidden ones (jinn), and humankind (nas or banu adam). Angels are made out of light, jinn out of fire, men out of earth (sometimes translated as mud or clay). Jinn, like humans, are gendered, and have free will. Jinn may be benevolent, evil, or neutral, but are generally regarded as less trustworthy and more prone to trickery than people, even if they are benign. Jinn, regardless of their species, winged or wingless, can assume human form to mislead or destroy their human victims. Jinn can move objects in the air, reveal most-guarded secretes and mimic voices of the dead. Jinn like humans have their own kings, courts of law, weddings, and mourning ceremonies. However, some Jinn may cooperate with humans called Jinn-repellents, or rather sorcerers.

They are very popular in Islamic societies, as in the holy Quran it has been mentioned that the angels were created from light, the jinn were created from a smokeless flame of fire and Adam was created from what has been described to you ( by Allah in the Qur'an ). We are informed by Allah that the jinn was created from 'marijin min nar' (i.e., fire) as He says in the Glorious Qur'an:“And the jinn, We have created a foretime from the smokeless flame of fire”(55:27). And the jinn: He created from a smokeless flame of fire” (55:15).

Types of Jinn

There are different types of jinn; the Qur’an mentions only three: Jinn, ‘ifrit, and marid. Other names include jann, ghul, shaitans, hinn, nasnas, shiqq, si’lat, and a host of others. The names above vary depending on the region in the Middle Eastern country. Some of the best-known Jinn are:


The ghul (ghoul) are shape-shifting cannibalistic and blood-drinking creatures that feed on the flesh of human beings, especially travellers, children or corpses stolen out of graves. The oldest references to ghul in Arabian lore are found in The Book of 1001 Nights. There are several types of ghul. The most feared is a female type (ghula) which has the ability to appear as a normal, mortal woman. According to lore, such a creature marries an unsuspecting man, who becomes her prey.

The ghul are nocturnal creatures who inhabit graveyards, ruins and other lonely places. Sometimes they are described as dead humans who sleep for long periods in secret graves, then awake, rise and feast on both the living and the dead. Ghul also personify the unknown terrors held by the desert.

In Persian lore the ghul has the legs of a donkey and the horns of a goat.


The hinn are weak jinn, close to animals, and they especially like to appear as dogs.


The ‘ifrit (variation: afrit) is cited only once in the Qur’an, in reference to a jinni who fetched the throne of the Queen of Sheba at the command of King Solomon. In lore, it is evil and powerful, and difficult to control.


Jann are shape-shifters who live in the desert, and take the forms of whirlwinds and white camels. They are open-minded about humans, and were among the first jinn encountered by people. They have the power to hide or reveal oases in the desert, depending on whether they like or dislike a party of travellers. They are the enemies of the ghul.


The marid is unruly and rebellious, and the most powerful of jinn. The marida (plural) possess great knowledge of magic and have assisted kings and priests. They are also known as “blue” jinn and are the ones most often associated with wish-granting genies.


The nasnas is another weak form of jinn, hybrids of human-like and animal-like forms, and may account for some of our encounters with mysterious creatures. It is described in The Book of 1001 Nights as a half- human being, that is, it has half a head, half a body, one arm, one leg. It hops about on its single leg. The nasnas was said to be the offspring of a shiqq (see below) and a human being.


The palis is a vampire foot-licker that lives in the desert. It has low intelligence and can be easily outwitted, according to lore. It attacks sleeping people and drains their blood by licking the soles of their feet. It can be fooled by two people sleeping end to end with their soles of their feet together or under each other’s head.


The shaitan (shaytan) is a rebellious, malevolent jinni associated with demonic forces.


The shiqq is a lower form of jinn, a half creature, or literally only half-formed and thus monstrous in appearance.


The si’lat is expert shape-shifters and the smartest of the jinn. They can mimic human appearance with ease.


Jinn are also denoted by colours. Well, it sounds strange more of a fiction but it's true they are of different colours with different signification.


Older, intelligent jinn, often ambivalent about humans.


Leaders of families and small clans. Less powerful than Blue but more powerful than Green.


Young and immature jinn, often playful and mischievous.


Powerful jinn, thought to be kings. It is not known if there is one king or multiple ones.


Hostile and aggressive jinn.

The jinn are NOT fallen angels. They were created from a smokeless flame of fire. The first recorded jinn to be disobedient are Iblis. Disbelieving, disobedient jinn and humans are known as shayateen (Satan).

Abilities, Strengths, Purpose & Creation

By knowing of their powers, we can often make sense of much of the mysteries which go on around us. One of the powers of the Jinn is that they are able to take on any physical form they like. Thus, they can appear as humans, animal’s trees and anything else. The ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of other creatures is also a power which the Jinn have utilized greatly over the centuries. This however, is something which has been prohibited to them as it is a great oppression to possess another being. Human possession is something which has always brought about great attention. But the true knowledge of this subject is rare amongst the people.

Through their powers of flying and invisibility, the Jinn are the chief component in occult activities. Voodoo, Black magic, Poltergeists, Witchcraft and Mediums can all be explained through the world of the Jinn. Likewise, so can the illusions and feats of magicians. Because the Jinn can traverse huge distances over a matter of seconds, their value to magicians is great. In return for helping them in their magic, the Jinn’s often ask for the magicians to sell their souls to them and even to Iblis. Thus the magicians take the Jinn and Iblis as lords besides Allah. In our day, some of the feats performed by magicians and entertainers are without doubt from the assistance of the Jinn.

One of the most frequent activities associated with the Jinn, is fortune telling. Before the advent of the Prophet (saws) fortune-tellers and soothsayers were wide spread. These people would use their associates from the Jinn to find out about the future. The Jinn’s would go to the lowest heaven and listen to the Angels conversing amongst themselves about events of the Future which they heard from Allah. The Jinn’s would then inform the fortune-tellers. This is why before the time of the Prophet (saws) many fortune-tellers were very accurate in their predictions. However, upon the Prophet's arrival the heavens were guarded intensely by the Angels, and any Jinn who tried to listen was attacked by meteors (shooting stars)

It is also known from the Quran that the Jinn used to build Castles for Solomon, those who would dive into the depths of Oceans and bring jewels and pearls from the depths below.

"And (We gave him – Solomon) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from our command, and then we caused to taste the punishment of flaming fire. They made for him what he willed: Synagogues and statues, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground” (Saba 12-13).

“So we made the wind subservient unto him (Solomon), setting fair by His command whatever he intended. And the devils, every builder and diver (made we subservient), and others linked together in chains.” (Saud 36-38)

Wisdom behind the creation of the Jinn

Some may say they have their independent world, irrelevant to our world, others may say they are created simply to mislead us. However we do not possess clear evidence for such statements. It is a matter of personal opinions so I would like to present my own opinion here.

We sometimes wonder, “Why would Allah the Most Merciful cast Satan (Iblis) out of heavens? Why for denying only ONE prostration? When we Muslims miss most of the prostrations to our Lord” (Allah forgive us)

Prophet (saw) said, “Every one of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn.” The companions asked: Even you O’ Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”

Throughout history man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen. The existence of a world parallel to our own has always fascinated people. This world is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and almost every set of people have some concept of one. With some people, these spirits are no more than the souls of dead people- or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil - both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity. However, both of these explanations are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy or I should say religion and myth.

Do you believe in Genie ?


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