Types of Monkeys

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Monkeys are my favorite animals, they are very unique. I am still amazed about the chimpanzees. Some people consider monkeys as disqusting animals. I think that they are extremely important animals. Scientists believe that we all evolved from the monkey species. You decide, Read it and Weep.


Baboons are found in dry places of Africa and Arabia. baboons don’t usually live in tropical forests like most monkeys. They spend most of their time in trees. Most monkeys are found in savanna regions. Baboons eat things such as roots, fruits, grass, and tubers. Baboons live in groups where the males are more dominant.

Spider Monkey

Found in Northern South America in tropical and subtropical forests. Spider Monkeys lack homes because of Humans. They are able to stay on branches of trees because of their tail. Their average tail length is about 70 cm long.


Chimpanzees are an endangered species. They are endangered due to human activity. They are found in dense jungles and open wooded savannas. This animal is very intelligent. Scientists say that they can even use sign language.


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