UFO backflash

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It is a peaceful night. The moon shines brightly in the sky.

Our guy and Majoorbot the flying robot are resting in the building they had found in the middle of nowhere.

UFO backflash

The guy is thinking while he is watching the stars. What is this he remembers? Yes, he remembers something about his past now!

He remembers himself laying on his back, just as he is doing now, looking at the stars in the sky.

How beautiful is the heavens above, jeweled with stars of all kinds of brightnesses.

And then, suddenly a new star appears. And this star seems to be very lively!

This new star seems to be jumping around, flying from one place to another, making funny maneuvres.

Our guy sits upright. He looks again to make sure he's seeing it right.

Yup, there's a jolly star now, playing around like crazy.

"Something wrong, Kevin?", asks a woman, sitting on a chair close by, paging through a magazine.

"There's some light up in the sky that's moving!", Kevin tells her.

She doesn't seem to be much interested or to take notice of it.

Meanwhile, the jumping star seems to be getting closer all the time. What if it isn't friendly?

Kevin is becoming a little uneasy about it now.

Again he tries to get Mother to have a look, and again Mother just seems to think it's an aeroplane or something ordinary.

Finally Kevin cannot stand it anymore. That light is going on and off, and coming really close now. What if it's an alien ship or something that has come to abduct them?

Kevin jumps up, grabs Mother's magazine, and throws it to one side.

"What's gotten into you Kevin???", she asks annoyed.

"Mom, look!", he says, pointing at the sky.

She looks up.

The backflash end.

Well, now our guy isn't just some young guy anymore. He has remembered that his name is Kevin.

But what about how they got here then?

He vows he will not rest until he finds out exactly who his master is. Then he says goodnight to Majoorbot and goes to sleep.



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20th Nov 2013 (#)

nice imaginations

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