UFO's over Cape Town

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Elmarie and Stingley invited us over to their place for Good Friday, so we can have an Easter dinner. Not that there was any Easterness necessarily about it; we probably would have gotten together anyway, but at least it being Easter Friday did give Elmarie her desert idea; to make pudding with chocolate Easter eggs and condenced milk and some more sweet goo that's delicious.

UFO's over Cape Town

Brunwick, a Frenchman who works in Dubai, and his family have been Elmarie and Stingley's guests this week, and Brunwick is making a delicious meat potjie.

While we're sitting around the fire waiting for the food to cook, Stingley tells us a very interesting and unexpected thing he recently experienced at their apartment in Cape Town.

One morning very early while he was waking up the boys, he looked out over the ocean and saw a light over the ocean, very controlledly ascending and moving this way and that, making very controlled maneuvres and then suddenly moving in the direction of the ships that are always standing near the harbour, and the light disappearing then.

The next morning, he saw two of the same lights, both moving in sync, doing similar motions until again they fly out and disappear in the direction of the ships.

"Flying saucer?", Father comments on his story. Of course, by most everyone, first have to follow the debunking type of wondering if these "UFO" incidents aren't just somebody playing a prank or something else that just looks like flying saucers doing maneuvres.

Brunwick makes a remark about how many people along the coastline around Cape Town have been seeing similar things and freaking out.

After that, the conversation branches out to other linked subjects of technology etc.

Anyway, when I get back to Tower Hills and have what can be described as internet, I'll have to read up on UFO's in the Cape Town area. Sounds like an interesting development.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Oct 2015 (#)

How bout Peru my friend!

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
12th Oct 2015 (#)

What about Peru?

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