UK and their zero earning and hour contracts

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In 2008, only 1% of the people in UK had zero earning and hour contracts, while, at present, this percentage has reached to 2,3% and it won't cease to grow in numbers.

UK and their zero earning and hour contracts

The UK seem to have started to pave a way that unfortunately will be followed in other countries of the Western Hemisphere. It's called the new economic slavery which means that many employees will get (if they're lucky!) zero earning and hour contracts. This means that they'll be called when an employer really needs them, but they won't be paid when they are off work.
If this isn't labour slavery, I'd like then to know what it is.
As we know well, the financial oligarchy is well settled in these places. From there, they will dictate their guidelines to governments of what it is to be done as regards the economy. Their economy, I'd say. They don't care if millions of employees are sent to unemployment or thousands are working on zero hour and earning contracts. They won't care so long as they can have their earnings and profits to let them have their lavish lifestyle.
To achieve on this, they need governments to implement even tougher labour laws that will only benefit to companies, but above all, to this financial oligarchy whose main aim is to own the world and all its natural resources.
Yesterday it was May Day that it's also known as international working people's day. There were demonstrations in all cities and capital cities in the Western Hemisphere. There were chants of slogans and banners blaming at governments for this so called recessionary situation, but having watched a good handful of them, I never saw a banner that blamed to the real responsible ones.
It's what I always say. While some people work on slavery conditions, millions of other people are watching them jobless and without an income to take home.
It's about time that we call things by their real name and we stop burying our heads in the sand just like an ostrich does to avoid facing the situation and who have created it wherever we live.

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author avatar Carol Roach
10th May 2015 (#)

I have heard of those type of contracts here, called day workers and they have been around since the depression and before only known by several different names

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