USS Titanic

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Like the Titanic the United States is on a collision course toward disaster

USS Titanic

Like the Titanic, a collision course with destiny predetermined? Sobering as the current events of today, there is a real frustration, a foreboding pessimism that is permeating through our very souls. There is no escaping the facts that have been and are continually reshaping American society. Another Great Depression has engulfed too many Americans already. What ever happened to the "land of plenty?" The only things that are plentiful today are massive unemployment, too many people still without healthcare, too many people incarcerated, too much poverty, too many single parents, and the list keeps growing.

In every subsequent generation of Americans each one faired better than their predecessors. This is the first generation to fair much worse than the previous one. The quality of life for the majority of Americans has dropped considerably within the past 20 years with no apparent reversal forthcoming. Serious questions arise as to why and how did these events that have transformed the landscape of American society into one that would be so unrecognizable to Americans 40 years ago?

Advances in technology have made societies prosper somewhat, but not to where the majority of Americans and citizens of other nations are able to reap the benefits of the "modern age" of technological advancements. Governmental policies mandates, treaties, as well as financial regulations all have hindered the progression of a societies advancement.

Will we ever be able to once again attain financial stability for the majority of Americans that come from policies that actually contribute to economic growth? So far in the United States most of the policies of the last 15 years have had a reversal affect on American society. Unprecedented unemployment rates, the continuing increasing costs of food and energy are prime examples of what our policies have done to all Americans.

If we take a realistic view of where the United States actually is in regards to the wealth of the majority of Americans and compare that with the majority of Americans even 35 years ago; in the span of those 35 years the majority of Americans have lost over 80% of their deposable income than what they had in the early 1970's. Policies by our elected officials, influenced by the media, and controlled by the financial institutions have undermined the stability and sovereignty of the United States.

Why this has happened? The most obvious answer is that the citizens of the United States let it happen. Inadvertently we have allowed the political process to be governed by wealth instead of principal. The aurora of wealthy individuals has penetrated our society to where corruption of the democratic process has become a stark reality. A simple equation: Wealth = control = power. This equates to the demise of a democratic republic and begins a common denominator of countries around the world. No longer do we have a sovereign nation.

Is it too late to turn the tide of economic upheaval? Or can this nation rebound from this economic and social quagmire? It is not too late to regain the sovereignty and economic promise of better times ahead. But to begin we all have to face the reality of what is actually causing and happening in our society today. Apparently we are being funneled into a slide of economic deprivation that is having catastrophic results. Dangerous territory the United States is being thrust into. With this realization we are now able to translate these circumstances into policies, principals, and procedures that will eliminate the current threat to Americas sovereignty and economy.

This can only be accomplished thru education, interpretation, and participation by every citizen. A democratic republic can only continue and prosper through an educated, participating, and economically stable society. Achieving the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution is key to the future of this country. " The more people with more deposable income to spend and pay down debt is the greatest economic insurance for a stable and prosperous society." To achieve this a National Economic Reform agenda has to be the New - New Deal for the United States today. Using lessons learned from history will ensure the future for tomorrow.


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Interesting article.

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