Uncle Hazel ruins Christmas

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For some reason Mother felt sorry for Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri, and decided to invite them over for Christmas too, seeing as "their numbers are so thinned out". Whatever that means. I guess none of their family or friends, or not many anyways, want to spend time with them. Whatever, don't know.

Uncle Hazel ruins Christmas

They said they'll come on Christmas day and stay overnight and leave late the next day.

Stingley's mother and her second husband have come over again this year to spend Christmas.

This year instead of having Christmas on the stoep, it's rainy and cold so we have it indoors in the stone room.

It being my responsibility every year to put up the decorations, I must say this year I got the atmosphere just right. Some years my decorations look good but it doesn't necessarily get the Christmassy atmosphere right, but this year it did. It was wonderful.

Anyway, after a great old Christmas eve, comes Christmas day. And, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri arrive.

The very first time I see them and wish them Merry Christmas, Uncle Hazel wishes me a Merry "Christ Fest". Oh brother. Must he start his nonsense this early?

And what in God's name is going on with his hair? It's dyed almost black. It really looks so... almost yucky and creepy for somebody this old and fat to be dying his hair such a dark color. Doesn't look even remotely natural. It just makes him look off.

But whatever. We've always known in his head he imagines he's an actual celebrity or something.

Their daughter is also here with her two little boys.

So in everybody's company, these people seem ever so friendly and proper.

Problem comes when they leave.

If one kept a good eye on them, one would have noticed that every so often, they sneak off with one person to have a private conversation. Sometimes it's Father, or sometimes they go look for somebody to corner and speak alone.

I think Elmarie expresses the feeling of all of us best.

She can't believe how contrived these people are. They use every single trick of manipulation to get things out of people.

I mentioned before how Father had offered them one of the houses in Rand Estate that belongs to Father, that Father could generate a lot of income out of but instead offered it to Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri for free, seeing as Uncle Hazel is Father's brother.

Then of couse they came back to him and said they can't live there as the place is; they need lots of renovations and changes done to make it suitable for them and their whims.

Playing on Father's feelings they managed to get Father to agree like a naive fool to do absolutely everything for them at Father's expense. I don't understand it. Is Father mad???

So while everybody else was just enjoying this wonderful Christmas time over here on Tower Hills, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri came here with one purpose only and that's to pretend to be here just to enjoy the wonderful Christmas time but actually to work their plans of manipulation and greed all the time too.

I noticed one time how Auntie Shatri took Father to the side once to talk in private. And one time, I walked in the hallway and Uncle Hazel was there too, tapping me on the stomache and smiling lovingly.

When they left, Elmarie expressed how Father was red in the face with anger and emotion at one point after one of these private talks, and she says Uncle Hazel had cornered her in the gym to tell her horrible stories about how apparently I have distanced myself from Uncle Hazel because he's trying to do such lovely Christian work.

For about 8 years they managed to manipulate free work out of me with promises of later remuniration, until finally one day when he called me with more orders of work he wanted me to do basically for nothing, I told him in no uncertain terms that I am done with their religious schemes.

Now of course he's acting like the poor little victim of this ever-so-mean Marzeus who "hates" him because poor little ol' him is just living out his faith. Asif.

And Elmarie believes their daughter is in on it too. Their daughter wrote this lovely letter about how she's just this poor little single mom with two boys suffering her way through life, and how much of a comfort it is to know that Father is taking care of her parents so that's a load off her shoulders.

It is actually a nice letter and it's good to receive some thanks, but Elmarie sees it as an instrument of more manipulation of Father's feelings, in order to push him to keep giving insane amounts of his money and resources away to this sneaky brother of his.

Anyway, Mother and Father feel quite down after the visit from Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri. They feel used and manipulated.

This makes me so damn angry, a few times today I think of ringing up Uncle Hazel and telling him exactly what I think of their arrogance and endless demanding of more and more from people they abuse to their leisure. I never do unfortunately and then it passes.

But I'm glad Elmarie told me what Uncle Hazel said to her about me. It's obvious these two people are trying to secretly pit us against each other. That's the problem really; we never shared as a family our feelings about these things.

From now on, we should all tell each other openly everything about such occurences so that we do not get divided or isolated by these predators.

These two-faces even tried to tear Mother away from Father's side - right after Father had originally made the offer of the free house to Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri, they secretly called Mother and tried to set up a secret meeting without Father.

They said it's because Father has "never understood" Uncle Hazel and basically they made Father out to be a cruel monster, and now they want to talk to Mother privately so she can manipulate Father into paying for all the renovations and changes and additions.

Yes, Father who kindly offered them this great thing in the first place, is secretly made out to be a monster and they try to sow division between Mother and Father.

We will have to be very vigilant and talk openly about this as a family from now on.

I thought about something today. It seems about every 5 years give or take, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri move from one place to another. And places far apart.

They also never seem to do more than one project with whichever business people they meet and work with.

I have a theory, and note it's only my own theory, that people soon realize Uncle Hazel is a manipulator and manipulates for survival and material goods and money, and then they have to move on to other places or other people.

Well maybe it's just my own cinical theory.

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