Unconventional memories of participants of the Second World War with the Eastern Front. Part 1.

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In a series of my stories about World War II, I offer readers the story of ordinary people, the motives of their behavior in the paradoxical situation of war. In these incredible stories to be nothing but the truth, told me my environment the participants described events. These seemingly impossible situations, once again confirm the truth that real life is interesting and entertaining stories invented...

True stories

This theme for me is as a thorn, as a nail in my shoe. Not visible, you do not feel there will come...

To be honest, on the one hand theme of the Second World War, a few cares about me for many reasons - her swing - "nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten," "motherland will never forget you" and other lofty words are so devalued that the true meaning of these words simply forgotten. I belong to the third or fourth post-war generation - so that you know - the war is infinitely far away from me.

At the same time throughout his life - I was born in the month and year of Stalin's death - from time to time, had to deal with the former soldiers. Sometimes during intercourse on a completely different topic, unconsciously, subconsciously, they are characterized by individual sentences of the last war. It is on the basis of these fragmentary phrases, short sketches and verbal will be built to my story. The only thing that all the sketches of the war, heard and seen by me personally in different years and from different people, American, British, Germans, Russian, I align strictly chronologically from beginning to end the war. But talk soon, will not happen to me war stories I'll be the way I want. As I have not smelled gunpowder, according to the warring people understand this war.

First of all, once again, sketches of the war - it is not semi-official, when people were forced to speak. Then the memories, which are now fully online, are not worth a dime. They are dry, like a reed, like stale bread, which does not climb into the throat. It is because of official memories - they are enemies, cowards, and we - the bold heroes-winners and any other interpretation of the events, we are tired of hearing about the war. But these were real people on both sides of the front line and in real life are never all uniquely!

If it was written the truth about people, winners and losers of the people, not enemies, humanity was a lesson that the war in principle, unacceptable!

In my story will not glorify the winners, not losers humiliation will be just a word about the people who fought. These brief verbal sketches of the participants told by my friends, acquaintances, to me personally, and in some cases and within earshot, were spoken by the participants of the war.

If, then, that I tell a lie - it's not my falsehood, and lie veterans. I only based on the characteristics of my character, was able to hear, remember and express bright, incomprehensible events of those years.

To be continued


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author avatar Denise O
11th Jul 2011 (#)

It sounds very interesting. I am on to part 2. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Gene Dove
11th Jul 2011 (#)

Dear Denis
Please read for come to know, I suppose, interesting facts to You!

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