Understanding the Misunderstood

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This is an attempt to explain one possibility in the complexities of communication and listening--mutual understandings--from a very right-brained perspective. It might make more sense if you think in terms of energy and frequency (quantum physics), and try to imagine telepathic communication.

Understanding the Misunderstood

Can we ever truly explain to each other what an object is? What an emotion is? What a thought or idea is?

Truly? Not without telepathy.

You're holding an object in your hand: what is it? "A pencil," you say? Well, what's that? Pencil is just a word. "It's wood and graphite," you say? Again, just words used to describe what this "pencil" is made of. What is it...really? Molecules bonded by...what? What are these things?!

A myriad of hidden details swarm together to create a thought; various conglomerations being plucked from the Shadow and bonded together, all within a nanosecond. This bulging nanosecond then is directed either into words, actions or linked to other conglomeration-plucked pockets of nanoseconds.

Another consciousness captures and then picks apart at the nanosecond; conglomerated pockets being dissected, all within its own nanosecond (or sometimes longer). Depending on the conditions of this other consciousness, certain pieces of the nanosecond pockets may be overlooked, under-analyzed, misinterpreted or even simply dropped into the void of non-conception.

*What happens to the pieces that the consciousness fails to fully dissect, I wonder?*

The pieces of pockets that were successfully devoured by the consciousness are instantly--how can we measure time in the perspective of a thought?--glued back together to form the thought sent by the other consciousness.

That is how we understand the image of a pencil when someone says "pencil." That is how we think we know what someone is feeling, or what thought or idea they are trying to convey to us.

This is also why we often misunderstand each other, and misinterpret communication and empathy.

With empathy, we can recover some of the missed pieces.

With telepathy we can possibly cut out the "middle man" by sending the entirety of these nanosecond-pockets directly from one consciousness to another.


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