Unforgettable Cricket Match - In which I was the Hero

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An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.

The Revenge Time has begun

Today was the D-Day . After losing the home match that leveled the series 1-1 , we were disappointed as we had lost by only a few runs . Before coming to the match , our whole team was adamant to cross over any obstacle that came into our way. Starting from the toss , where the two captains from each side came to the pitch and were staring each other continuously as they would scratch each other faces . The umpire came in between to interrupt the overflowing sentiments of the two captains by tossing the coin , that luckily our team won . Yes , we had won our first battle . We were shouting like hell seeming as we had already won the match . But again the umpire came in between to control the emotions . He asked us to choose between batting or fielding . After a healthy discussion between our team members , we chose to field .

The Two Sides of the Battle

The teams did not have an exact name that may be said was an official name . But the names given to both teams were according to the area from where the teams came . The first team , in which "I" was also a player was named as 3 Phase Team ( obviously do not compare it with 3 phase voltage supply) and our rivals were named as "Graveyard Team" . Graveyard?? What the hell , you would be thinking from where exactly this name came from . Actually , the boys in their side came from area in proximity to the local graveyard . Hence the name of the team was as such . The match was played at a neutral venue and the venue was the "5 phase ground" . Nobody knew till now , this ground shall be witness to a match which would find a place in history of Indian street cricket.

Battle Begins

The match was decided would be of 20 overs given to each side . We selected our captain , Sam to bowl the first over . He was a medium pace bowler who had the quality of bowling consistently well without conceding too many runs . The opening pair of the other team was Deep and Nath . Nath faced the first ball . Tensions were running high on both sides . Sam was charging in as a speeding express train , bowled a good length off-ball that Nath quietly left . Both sides booed each other and sledging was at its peak . The first over passed without any fireworks and the pair scored four runs in the over . Then Diggu was asked to bowl the next over . He had a history of high economy rates but was also our wicket taking bowler . So,we had high hopes on him . The first ball was bowled at a fast pace that shocked the batsman . It was actually a bouncer.The umpire signaled it as one for the over . The next ball , nearly the same speed was pounced upon and hit for a huge six . The next balls also saw a similar fate and boundaries were hit on the remaining four balls . Our confidence dropped , but our captain Sam then bowled a maiden over which gave us some respite .Than , shocking everyone , Diggu was again given the ball . Everyone was against this move , but he silenced everybody by taking two wickets in the over . We were now back in the match.
The first ten overs of the match were bowled jointly by our bowlers - Diggu ,Sam, Raja and Mandy.The score was sixty for the loss of four wickets . Then , I was asked to bowl the eleventh over . The first two balls I bowled were scored for 1 run each .Then suddenly their captain raised an objection over my bowling action . The umpire reacted by saying he will closely check the action the next ball . After the delivery , the umpire answered in our favor saying it was a legal action . But the opposition did not looked satisfied . They began to leave the ground . To this action , our players reacted by starting shouting and saying "cowards" "cowards" loudly . This led to a heated debate between our player Diggu and their main front line bowler Akash . This was followed by a small fight among the players of the two teams . The both captains then intervened and a compromise was made and match was again started .
After the eleventh over , the score stood at 64/4 . The next four overs were bowled by prabh and jayantii in a spell . The score at the end of fifteen overs was 90/5 . We were happy with these scores . But now the slog overs had arrived .Their new batsman was rather a hard hitter and a slogger . There was intense hitting in the four overs and the score was now 145/6 . Then came the last over , the bowl was handed to me .The captain had showed his faith in me by asking me to bowl the last over . Keeping his faith in me , I bowled a good over conceding only four runs and taking one wicket .
Thus , the score at the end of stipulated 20 overs was 149/7 . We had a huge target of 150 runs .

Here We Come

The mammoth task of making 150 runs required both quick scoring of runs and saving of wickets .Our two trusted openers Preet and Himank were sent to the crease for the first over . Akash (remember the hot tempered bowler) was going to bowl the first over . The first bowl he bowled hit our batsman straight into the face . Our team mate Diggu suddenly jumped and started to go towards Akash as a lion going for his prey . Suddenly Sam , our captain stopped him for going . If he had gone then , I was sure the match would have been abandoned there . The next five balls passed off peacefully , our batsman scoring one run in each delivery . In the next over , Sanjay bowled a marvelous over . Our both openers were sent back to the pavilion . Our confidence was shattered . Our side was completely silent and shunned at this period of the game . Then , our captain Sam went up the order and decided to play carefully by saving wickets that would help in later stages of the game . The next 4 over passed peacefully and our score stood at 30/2 .
Now we needed 120 off the 14 overs.Jayanti , the other player started to take some risks to increase the run rate . Initially he succeeded , he scored 15 runs in one over . But as their were risks been taken , he was out in the next over . The score then after 11 overs was 60/5 .
Our captain , Sam was still at the crease and he was the one who was keeping our hopes alive . In the thirteenth over , the tragedy happened . Our two players got out including our captain . The score now after 13 overs was 70/7 . We have almost gave our hopes by then .
After the dismissal of our captain it was my turn to bat . Their main bowler Akash was bowling . I dispatched two straight boundaries and then took the single on the second last last bowl . The last bowl was a slower one , our batsman was deceived and he was bowled out . Celebrations had already begin in the opposition camp.
Now , Diggu came to bat . We need 70 runs in the last six overs . This was a herculean task for both tail enders . But we showed faith in each other and score 28 runs in three overs . I made 20 runs of these 28 runs . Now we needed 42 runs in 3 overs .
Their spinner , Nittu then decided to bowl . This almost ended the hopes of our team that we had entrusted to ourselves . Nittu was a National level bowler . In his over we only managed to make 10 runs which were less than the run rate required . The second last over was been bowled by Akash . In this I kept a major part of strike and scored 16 runs in 5 balls .I n the last bowl , I played a cut which would have yielded us comfortable 2 runs , but as I was entering into crease after my second run , sledging from the keeper end was like hell , then call from Diggu came for one more run , I stopped him initially but he continued . As the dangerous end was his , I started running because he had already started . As Diggu was only a yard behind the crease , the ball was into the keeper gloves and he throwed the stumps with sheer force and the keeper started dancing . and teasing our batsman . We had lost our precious wicket due to sledging . Now we needed 14 runs in the last over.

The Last Showdown

The last phase of the match has arrived . Tensions in the crowd was as in an India-Pakistan match . 14 Runs were required in the last over which was about to be bowled by Nittu required an extra effort if we were to win . The first ball , I faced of the over was sent back to the boundary . Now 10 runs were required off 5 balls . Next ball was then a dot ball . The next ball , I was forced to take a single bringing the new batsman on strike .The opposition was happy as he was also a slogger . Next bowl Nittu bowled a magical ball , that not only left the batsman puzzled .The wicket keeper was also left awestruck . He missed the ball and we took a run .The umpire signaled a bye . Now 8 runs were required in the last 2 bowls . I played a cut shot that gave us two runs , but we were shocked to see the opposition jumping and shouting .They started screaming "Short run" "Short Run" that would have made our target impossible . But the umpire signaled it as a legal run . Our team had a sigh of relief .
Now , there was 6 runs required off the last bowl . The bowler was smiling and the keeper and all the fielders were sledging hard . But I looked at my captain Sam he told me to remain calm . Meanwhile Diggu was also in an angry mood like he was planning how and when to fight with Akash . Then , the ultimate bowl came it was a half length ball , which I dispatched towards the boundary at the leg side .
Everyone in the ground was silent as the ball was going over the boundary . That 3-4 seconds were the hardest and exciting time of the match . But , now the party mood of our team have begun , we started screaming and shouting as we had won the match . Our players formed a huddle and then two three players lifted me and then onto their shoulders . Somebody then told me that I had completed my half century . This increased my happiness .
Those 3 hours of cricket and especially that 3 minute last over will remain the best memory of my cricket of my entire childhood .


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
13th Jun 2014 (#)

I was transfixed in reading the action, yet you do need to look at ways to improve your English usage, for example a bowler bowls balls and there are six balls in an over.

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author avatar Manjot1469
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks sir for commenting.Yeah ,the editing was not that good, I will take care of the usage from the next time for sure.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Jun 2014 (#)

Awesome and one of a kind post, cheers!

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author avatar Ptrikha
9th Jul 2014 (#)

Amazing "storyfication" of the match!

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author avatar Ptrikha
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

Was this played with Tennis ball, or leather ball. I have played some street cricket, but not so intense. Do you still play gully or street cricket matches?

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author avatar Manjot1469
3rd Oct 2014 (#)

The match was played with tennis ball and the match was much more intense than I have described.
Not so much gully cricket now because of college.

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author avatar Markthespark
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Lovely story .. this might interest you: http://www.wikinut.com/cricket-match-for-the-ages/2tfd4j8c/e9quoxfh/

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