Unintentional Incidents

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How much can a lady tolerate when faced with deprivation of sex? Many of the events took place without their planning. They simply happen !

Unintentional Incidents

Johnny and Basil were in the same class and graduated from the same university abroad. One day Johnny called up and said he was on his way to report duty in Australia and would like to drop in to have a cup of tea with Basil. Basil invited him to stay with the family because he had an extra room. Johnny thought it was a great idea. He dropped in and met Basil in the office, and later came to stay with the family for one night. The next morning, it was also his time to leave.
The children had all gone off to schools and the husband too had gone out to work and would not be back until the evening. Johnny and Jenny were the only people in the house. She served him the breakfast, hot coffee and others. She was also having coffee with him , sitting on his side. She could see the erected penis under the thin cloth shorts he was wearing. She cast a look at that protruded cloth. Johnny knew she was watching. He stood up, put his arms around her. Her silk sarong skirt which was only tucked above the nipples, went loose and dropped gently to the floor, leaving her totally naked as she had not put on an underwear. No man can stand it. Johnny put his mouth on hers and pushed his tongue in. She did not refuse. He pushed her on the floor and she opened her legs wide, surely a sign of approval. He went in and started to push in and out. She squealed with pleasure. He then sucked her throat, her nipples and then went down on her cunt. After that he went up to her mouth again and sucked her tongue and blew off all the sperm into her. She loved the warm sperms running inside her. Isn’t it ashamed that her own husband was not able to give her such pleasure, after so many years of marriage?
“ If you don’t mention it, nobody will ever know about this,” Johnny assured her when it was over, with her still under him.
“ I know. I would have done it with my own fingers in my own room, if you had not done it for me. I knew your dick was flicking under the table, as I saw the protruded portion on the cloth. I love this explosive feeling, and fantasying. My muscles moved and vibrated.”
“ Just wash it and forget about it. If your husband finds out I’m in great trouble,” Johnny continued.
“ You think I’m so stupid as to let him know about this?”
“ You’re a beautiful lady. Most men will not be able to refuse it if they have the chance, to kiss you, suck your tongue and go inside you. I knew you would not object because you were casting looks at my projected portion under the table. Am I the first man you gave this chance, apart from your husband?”
“ You are the lucky one.”
“Why have all the other men never asked for it, or they have to ask for it ?”
“ They had no chance because my husband or the children were always around. One guy wanted to take me up into a hotel room, but all the staff in the hotel knew me. This is a small town. I did not want to take the risk.”
“ You really enjoyed it with me, as if you never had this experience before. Why?”
“The contractors dealing with Basil’s company always provide him with wine, women and free foods. When he reached home at night, he had no more time and energy for me. I only enjoyed it with him once or twice a month.”
“ Why don’t you take up the case and divorce him?”
“ I can’t because we are Chinese, We don’t want to hurt the children and our reputation. I am used to this by now. Can you give me another time before you fly off today?”
“ Definitely, I would love it. But please tell me what you want so that I can really help you?”
“OK, later on. Can you make it within three hours from now?”
“No problem, I will try.”
“ Don’t be shy, just tell me what you want?”
“ I want you to suck my tongue, my neck, nipples, and my cunt down to my ankle. Can you suck and lick like that before going in? Please don’t suck hard on the neck, because there will be marks coming out.”
“ I will do as you want. Let’s rest for the next two hours. “
“Do you have some body lotion which I can use to massage your body?
She went out to the pharmacy to buy one bottle, recommended by the pharmacist. After lunch they had to do it fast because the children would be back by 3.00 o’clock. Both of them took a bathe and then rubbed the bodies dry. She laid totally naked on her bed with a towel under her and Johnny removed all his clothes and started to do his duty. He mixed plenty Australian honey with the lotion. She had never had this other experience. No words can describe it. Isn’t this the reason why many rich men’s wives run off with their husbands’ workers?
After the thirty minutes message, Johnny began to have an erection. He started to lick and kiss her all over the body for the next ten minutes, as promised. It was the first time someone rubbed honey into her cunt and licked it. Johnny then got on her and started to pump again. One orgasm came after another. She was lucky. Many women never had this experience. She told Johnny to stop working and pulled out. She took the huge dick in her palms, kissed it and put it in her mouth to such it. It was sweet because of the honey. She told Johnny that his dick was longer and bigger than what Basil had.
So eventualy Johnny had to stop, with her tongue still in his mouth and the dick still inside her. She had to watch the time because the mess must be cleaned up before the children come home and the towel washed properly.
When the children came home, they had their lunch and then they went in the family car to fetch Basil and to send Johnny to the airport. Jenny behaved naturally at the airport when they children told Johnny: “Uncle, please come again.”
“Bye, everybody, please visit me in Australia, during you next school holiday.”
There was no need to fly to Australia as we were told few weeks later Basil had been posted to work off shore, coming home for rest every two weeks. It was up to Johnny to decide how many times he wanted to return. Later on we heard Jenny had to go for jab every three months so that she would not get pregnant.

After plenty visits and many orgasms for more than a year. Jenny had to fight with Johnny regarding sending Helen to Australia for higher studies.
“ Why should she go there? We have schools which are just as good in Singapore?” Johnny wanted to know.
“ Yes, I know. But we want her to have a change of environment which will improve her life. She has to see more of this world to grow up to be a better person. She needs the exposure, ” Jenny argued.
After many weeks of tug-o-war, Johnny agreed. So Helen took up her higher studies in Australia, where most Singaporeans still thought was an advantage. It was indeed more enjoyable there, with the newly found freedom and the changes on environment. However, things cropped up in the most unexpected way.
One night as Johnny was pumping Jenny in the room, Helen came in, wishing to talk to her mother. She was shocked to see her mother in the arms of Johnny, both totally naked, and she was having an orgasm. Johnny stood up and pulled Helen into his arms and began to kiss her on the lips, and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She was too shocked to push him away, partly as she too enjoyed it tremendously. The mother did not response. Johnny pulled up her blouse, unzipped her bras, pulled down her jeans, and then the satin panties. She was motionless, but enjoyed his tongue inside her mouth. Her vagina was getting wet. Johnny could see it.
“Why are you shivering now? Is it your first time? Don’t worry. It won’t hurt,“ Johnny couldn’t believe it.
She nodded her head. Johnny led her to the bed and went inside her, the blood was flowing slowly on the bed sheet. He kept on pumping her and ejaculated inside her with her tongue still in his mouth. She had an ecstasy. He pulled out and went to his own room. Johnny could only ejaculate into one of them. How do you treat two ladies equally? The ladies lay on the bed watching the ceiling and then Helen went on.
“Why didn’t you stop him, mother? I may get pregnant.”
“Why? Didn’t you enjoy it? Why didn’t you leave immediately after seeing us on the bed? You have to give it to somebody one day, why not now? You are going to medical school next year. It doesn’t matter if you conceive now. Why didn’t you give it to that Singapore boyfriend? ”
“ We only kissed, and massaged each other, and I only allowed him to put his fingers inside. He told me to allow him go inside my mouth. So he ejaculated inside my mouth and he was happy. I was not sure if I wanted to marry him. He also enjoyed being sucked and licked by me on his implement.”
“ Why are you unfaithful to father?”
“ Didn’t he spend most of his time with the office girls and those women provided by the contractors? I am leaving tomorrow morning and Johnny asked for it once, before I go off. I am just like any other lady, I need it. Does it hurt anyone? Moreover, Johnny said he wanted to marry you.”
“What is his age?”
“40. He has two sons in England but he had divorced his wife. He said if you marry him, you would be an Australian citizen and you pay local tuition fees. Isn’t this a good deal?”
“ Why did he divorce his wife?”
“He was working offshore on a three-month rotation basis. His wife brought in the ex-boyfriend. Poor woman. It must be very hard on her?”
“ What would happen if I don’t marry him?”
“I will drug your foods and drinks and make sure you eventually love him. He wants you and he also wants me. You are my daughter. Can’t you stand it? Whenever he wants to do it, please never refuse him. He is good at it and I’m sure you will love it. Just like he did it few minutes ago. Didn’t he satisfy you? Why were you shivering when he undressed you?”
“His dick was very long and big. I never saw one like that before, and I thought it was going to be painful. It was about seven inches long with a diameter of about 1.5 inch. Thanks God, there was only slight pain when the hymen was broken. That hymen was actually pulled out by his head of the implement. It’s still on the bed. As he was pushing in and out of me, I had a deep form of release, an explosive feeling. I could feel my muscles moving and vibrating. I wished it could go on forever.”
“ Your vagina can enlarge . You see. You are both fated to be together. That guy who took you out for more than two years did not make it. He gave that chance to Johnny. Is this luck?“
“If I still refuse him, what can you do?”
“ I have to help you. Do you know that in China they used herbs to increase lady libido, more than 3000 years ago?”
“ How did they do it?”
“ They soaked the herbs in a bathtub for about an hour, and then they asked the lady to lie in the tub for at least 15 minutes. After that she came out and rub herself dry. Within the next hour she would go crazy if a man was not available. Another method was to steam some herbs, collect the essence and mix it with tea or coffee. There was no taste. It was effective on every woman, within 30 minutes. ”
“ Why did the men have to do this?”
“They kidnapped or bought those girls from the country side. Those girls were frightened and angry. So they would not corporate during the sex session. The men would not enjoy it. Naturally they needed the girls to build up the sex drive so that they would never refuse.”
“ Please tell me if you love dad?”
“Why not?”
“Then why are you having affair with Johnny?”
“ It was your dad’s parents who asked me to marry him. He was at that time very busy with other girls. But his parents did not approve his choice. The parents wanted him to raise a family. I thought it was a good idea. I too wanted a family, and I needed assistance from a man. So I agreed to the marriage.
“ Have you ever fantasized another person when daddy was making love to you?”
“ Yes. I often thought of the classmate who had it with me for the first time. We went for a picnic on the beach which was an isolated place. There were huge rocks and boulders, each about 20 feet high, with a diameter of about 15 feet, on the seashore. We were swimming in the sea for about half an hour. It was around noon and was very hot. So we came to the shore and sat in a shade by the side of a boulder, enjoying gentle breaking sound of the waves as they arrived at the shore. Behind us there was the richness of vegetation and the variety of different types of trees, mostly planted with wild scape of native plants. Hawks circled and swooped down suddenly from the sky. Other birds also soared high above us in circle. What were they looking for? There was the tangle of vines in the woods. It was beautiful. Maybe it was the long time under the hot sun that was giving him the sexual urge. He suddenly pressed me on the sand and removed my swimming suit. I did not refuse. I could have pushed him away if I wanted to. He climbed on me. I was already very wet down there. The next thing I knew, his dick was inside me. He kissed me on the lips and I automatically put both my hands on his back pulling him hard on me. He stopped kissing and said he loved me. That was the only time so far I heard a person said he loved me. If he had not intruded inside, would he still say he love me?”

(2571 words)
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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
1st Aug 2014 (#)

How much can a lady tolerate in deprivation of Sex??? For me, its a lifetime as I right now nearly 4 years and counting without it and not interested in that side of it either.

None the less coming to the story, mother is a cheap whore and the daughter was raped to become on too. Such are the immoral mothers of today although am not surprised in Singapore as I have seen people playing Mahjong with strip and money associated with it in front of my eyes and the man's wife was out of town. My husband and myself got up and left because of it.
None the less, I wouldn't allow a man to rape my daughter for whatever reason as that is the protection given by a parent to their child. I wouldn't even sleep with the bastard even if he were within the premises and erect. Would have just said, its time to leave.... and personally would have dressed up and walked out and waited outside till he left...

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author avatar pohtiongho
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for the frank reply. Events like this occur all over the world. You are a very strong person. There are also men who are able to live happily without sex. But this is a different topic. For the curious ones, please do your own research.

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