United we should stand

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Reading that the financial markets are strongly for the No vote in the Scottish referendum is enough to make us suspicious.

United we should stand

Nationalism is a feeling that people of being to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries.
A desire by a large group of people (such as people who share the same culture, history, language, etc.,} to form a separate and independent nation of their own.

As stated on Merriam Webster online dictionary.
At the time of writing this column, the results of the Scottish referendum aren't shown. We don't know whether the YES voters are going to win or not. However, I read a big headline telling us that the financial markets are strongly for the NO choice.
This is enough to make us feel suspicious.
Since this fever for independence has started on the European Continent, I think that, letting aside noble feelings for freedom and a more decent way of living aside, this trend has been stirred and sponsored by the the dreaded financial markets as nothing scares them most than big and united countries. It's the old saying of divide to succeed.
The Scots are in their own right to choose to be apart from the rest of the UK, but for what purpose? Will these people who are for independence be able to forge a really independent nation apart from the grip of the financial markets? I don't think this is possible while financial capitalism is still up and trying to implement their evil plans worldwide.
A nation can't be created overnight and without cash. The Scots have oil in the North Sea, but as far as we know there isn't much of it. What else do they have to let them create a new nation of their own? Will they be able to survive in a world where money is the king?
Every time that nation has tried to create an independent nation with a different system in a capitalist world has been smashed.
It seems we're heading to Medieval Times when the world was sort of divided into small territories or kingdoms on which tyrant little kings enslaved their people, but with a difference. The world is now owned by the financial markets and their rule is felt everywhere. If they can't dominate a country in some way, they'll try for another one and this trend of splitting countries may be one of them. Divide them to succeed over them all.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Sep 2014 (#)

i do agree that people should rule their own country...only get wise and caring leaders for heaven's sake and theirs...

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author avatar vickylass
19th Sep 2014 (#)

I'm not pretending to be right in all what I've written, but this may be a good way to express our wn ideas on such a topic. Thanks for commenting whether on agreement or not.

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